My Life

  • The day I was born

    The day I was born
    I was born at chestnut hill hospital I was my parents first son.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • My first christmas

    My first christmas
    This event is important because I find out what christmas is. And Iwas very excited about it.
  • My grandmothers death

    My grandmothers death
    My dads mom died on the same day the my sister was born but 2 years earlier
  • Parents marrirage

    Parents marrirage
    This is a day where my parents got married in the house we live in now.
  • 911

    Tisn is a day where a terrorist attackeed the United States using airplanes. 3 buildins were destroyed the twin towers and the pentagon
  • Little Sisters birth

    Little Sisters birth
    My little was born and started a new life. Her name is Mikai Linda Williams.
  • I started school

    I started school
    I started school. This day is important because I started learning new things that I had never heard of before
  • I started going to Ics

    I started going to Ics
    I started going to Ics because I didn't like my old school and me and my older sister had the best grades in the school. So my mom put in the applications. We got picked.
  • Barack Obama gets elected

    Barack Obama gets elected
    This date is important because this is the day we elected our first black president in the history of the United States.
  • My first day playing football

    My first day playing football
    This is my first day playing football for and actual team in my entire life. This is important to me because I have wanted to play football all my life and it finally happen. My positions were left tight inn and left defensive inn. Nobody could stop me from getting across the line of scrimmage.. Nobody ever scored on my side of the field.
  • Wissahickon Blue Devils

    Wissahickon Blue Devils
    This is the day I started playing bassketball for the Blue Devils. I started off playing center. I was really good at it. This is important to me because I love basketball and I used to beg my parents could I join a basketball team. This is the year when they said yes. I became very good at the sport and became the best center on the team and in the league.
  • I started my 3rd of basketball with the gators.

    I started my 3rd of basketball with the gators.
    I started paying basketball with the C.Y.A gators and we started off as a bad team but once we got our heads together in the game we became the one of best teams in the league. We went all the way to the champoinship and lost. I was averaging about 10-20pts a game. I was on of the best players in the league.
  • Super Bowl

    Super Bowl
    This is a important day because the New York Giants football team be the New England Patriots in the super bowl 2 times in the last 4 years.
  • Last day of school

    Last day of school
    It’s the end of they school year and everybody is excited.This day is important because no school for almost 3 months. We are also going to 7th grade meaning that we are going to be taking on new challenges. We are going to be learning new things that are going to help us in life as we grow into young adults.