My Life

  • Earthquake in Coalinga, CA

    There is a EARTHQUAKE in Coaling, CA. The magnitude is 6.4. Nobody was killed. There are 47 injured people though. The poperty damage is $31 million.
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in Thailand in Bumrungrad International Hospital. My mom said I was bigger than Ohm when I was born. I was very healthy, chubby and cute like in this picture. I bet I was happy in a world that is wide! In my mom's tummy it must have been small.
  • My First Time At The Beach

    My First Time At The Beach
    I am eating breakfast before going splashing in the waves at the water. Then ...
    Splosh! Splish! Splash!!!!!!!!!!! Let go play with the waves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I clung to mom all the time throuh because I must have scared of the waves.
  • My First Bike

    My First Bike
    I am 2 years old. I have got my first bike but it had training wheels. I was scared at first but I got it. Now I can go ride my bike with my family or to the play ground. I was very happy!
  • Bike - So Long Training Wheels

    Bike - So Long Training Wheels
    Look! Look at me! No more training wheels! I have manage to ride a 2 wheeled bike! Hurray for me!!! Now I can ride my bike freely and I can do what Ohm does with his bike.
  • Grade 1

    Grade 1
    I have enter grade 1 with a wonderful Newzealand male teacher name Mr. Doug. He was very funny. He always read super fun books to the class. Also, he was very kind and always give presents. On field trip he make sure that we were safe while playing all the time too.
  • Me In Chengmai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me In Chengmai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is me in Chengmai. There was this elephant stuff like in the picture. I had went up the ladder and sat on the big elephant and I think is made from hay. It was so cool! I wonder how long and how they did these two huge elephant.
  • Grade 2

    Grade 2
    I had enter grade 2 with a kind Australia female teacher. Her name is Ms. Megan Goose (Ms. Meg) . She had a lucky box to put our names in when we are good. Out if we were bad. Each Friday someone will pick the name and that person will get a prize.
  • Grade 3

    Grade 3
    I have joined grade 3 with a teacher name Ms.Sarah. She is very funky and fun. She always give us free time. On Songkran we wet the floor and she didn't even mind. She also shoot water at us like a playful kid!!!!!!
  • Grade 4

    Grade 4
    I have enter grade 4. My teacher name Ms. Stacy. She is a lovable Canadian. She is very funny and makes learning fun. She made me like math by making it fun too! She is the best grade 4 teacher. I am going to miss her so much when go to canada next year.
  • My Own Computer

    My Own Computer
    After 3 years of wiating to have my own computer, I finally got one. Not only because I wanted one, it was for doing homework too. The reason for homework is because thier are many homework using a computer. Also, Ohm and me always fight over the one Toshiba computer to do homework or something eles. Now we have our own computers. :)
  • My Valentine at School

    My Valentine at School
    This is a picture of me in valentine at school. It was very nice. The high school made a photo booth and here is a picture of me in the valentie photo booth.
  • Tsunami In JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tsunami In JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh uh! There was a Earthquake in Japan which causes huge tsunami waves.
  • Went to Hilton At Hua Hin

    Went to Hilton At Hua Hin
    I went to Hilton at Hua Hin for Songkran Holiday. This is the second time I went there. At the pool there is a very long and curved slider. When swimming, the first thing I did was going down the slider. Then all over again. Then, I went to swim. Not very long after I got in the pool, Ohm let two boys named Zack and Jack shoot water using Ohm's water gun at me. They are not Thai. That was when I made a friend there. They somehow look farmilair from last time I met 2 boys here.
  • Ipad 2!!!!!!!!!!

    The ipad 2 is on sale!!! In Paragon the people were rushing to get the ipad 2 at 1:00 AM. There are lot af people there and there was only about 50 ipad 2. Some people were vry unlucky because they were tooooo late. My violin teacher is getting a ipad 2 but she buys it from the internet.
  • The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Caterine Middleton

    The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Caterine Middleton
    TUN TAN TAN TAAN! Give a round of applause to Prince William and Caterine Middleton! They are going to get married today! Also, this is the same day as star kids discovery too!!!!!!! I hope they will live happily ever after. THE END!
  • Star Kids Discovery 2011 Talent Show

    Star Kids Discovery 2011 Talent Show
    I played the piano. The first song was Tulip.The second was Colors of the Wind but I played it with my brother playing saxophone. Some people screamed too!!!!!!! :) My mom and Dad is so proud of me and Ohm.
  • Flood in Southern Thailand

    There was a flood in southern Thailand. The flood also causes mud slides. The water level is very high. The water was flowing very fast that it could sweep a tree, big rocks and people. The water has collasped bridges and roads. The people has used ways to go to the small island with water surrounding it.
  • Playing Piano at Paragon Charity Performance

    Playing Piano at Paragon Charity Performance
    Ohm and I went to Saim Paragon Bangkok Thailand to play in a charity performance. There were so many people watching us and I got nervous. Some people were sitting, standing and just taking a quick look at the performance. After the performance I felt very proud of my self. I got a tiny doll from the performance mananger. My teacher that she is going to give everyone that is her student (including me and Ohm) a certificate. I can't even wait to get it.
  • IPhone 4 in White

    IPhone 4 in White
    My mom got a white iphone 4 after the charity performance. She also wanted a case and I help her. She liked the case I gave her but she wants a color that isn't white. Dad made her buy it.
  • Moved To Grand Bangkok Bulavard

    Moved To Grand Bangkok Bulavard
    I moved from Nantavan to Grand Bankok Bulavard near Fashion Island and so many of my friends live near Fashion Island including Pea, Marry, Sydney, Jack, etc.