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my life

By ibt196
  • I was born

    I was born
    I was born in Pakistan,Lahore,Sumnabad in the Sumnabad hospital. It was April 31, 11:59 PM then after 1h and 1min later i was born, at may 1, 1:00 AM. this is a picture of me when I was 1 month old.
  • eclipce

    1 month after I was born there was a beautiful solar eclipce, my mom told me it the most beautiful one she had ever seen.
  • I spoke my first word

    I spoke my first word
    After I was born there was an solar eclipce, my mom told me it was the most beautiful one she had ever after 4 months I spoke my first word and it was our gods name (we got it on our camara).
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    The whole house was decorated (the house is really big), all my reletives (from my dad's side) were there. It was a huge party and i was told it lasted till 11:00.
  • To Canada

    To Canada
    In december 2001 we moved to Canada, there was white cold stuff around us (snow) we had never seen it before, my mom asked a person " what is this white stuff? " the man replied " it is snow. " That day we wern't in Mississauga,on we were in London,on.
  • Period: to

    stayed at uncle's house

    So we moved to Canada but we didn't have enywere to live, then my dad and my uncle called each other in Pakistan and he let us live at his house for a few days.
  • To an apartment

    To an apartment
    After our dad located a perfect place to live we moved there, it was an appartment, it was pretty small it only had one bedroom (were baby me, my dad, and my mom slept).
  • My sister was born

    My sister was born
    I was 3 years old (turning 4 in may) when my sister was born, me and my dad had to stay at home for 3 days while my mom was in the hospital, we checking on her each day. Then on the third day we went to the hospital, we were in for a little cute surprise, it was my sister she was born.
  • went back to Pakistan

    went back to Pakistan
    We went to pakistan on one big flight straight to there. on the back of each seat there was a screen, on the screen there was games, movies, and tv shows.
  • Period: to

    In Pakistan #1

    I was in jonior kindergarten (4 years old about to turn 5) and my sister was 1 year old. After a few weeks my sister turned 2 years old we all celebrated. It was an amazing time in pakistan, when I left i got preasents.
  • Back to Canada

    Back to Canada
    After we got say bye to everyone we packed our bags and wnt home to Canada. When we got home we packed all our bags and moved to Mississauga after a few days (we had to move because my dad's job). We moved into an apartment near Canadian tire.
  • New home

    New home
    I was in grade 1 when we moved to uor new house (the one i live in today), for the first few weeks of gr.1 I still went to my original school, then after a few weeks I started going to another school called churchill medows.
  • Gr.5 graduation ceremony

    Gr.5 graduation ceremony
    It was a buetiful day, all the gr.5's dressed up, I was in my formal suit. One by one classes were brought up each student had a cetificate in there hands. After me and my friends hanged out at pizza pizza.
  • A new school

    A new school
    I graduated and went to a new school called RTMS (ruth thompson middle school) it was and still is the most amazing school I went to so far. I was in gr.6 that year Mr.Stroud's class, I never knew that students from another school would be there, well that year I met some new friends.
  • I won soccer

    I won soccer
    I was a nice day at our final game for the season, the teans were tied 1-1, the match was a good one, it was overtime and it was really hard to defend. Then it happend my teanmate gets the ball and passes it to me, I sprint across the feild past the defence and score a goal. We won that game because of me :).