My Identity Timeline

Timeline created by femora
  • Birthday

    On July 10th, 2003 my mother and father were at their apartment that they owned at the time. They both were together with some family friends. Until one moment my mother didn't feel good and started to get very ill. My dad rushed her to the hospital and there they found out that the baby was coming. My mother was 7 months pregnant and when I was born,early on July 10th I weighed 3 pounds. I also stayed in the hospital for months until. I weighed the correct amount.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    In the month of September I started my first year of school. I don't remember much but I do know that I was very excited to meet new friends to play with. I was actually not sad at all, I didn't cry but I also was a bit nervous because I knew mostly Spanish and little English since my mom only knew Spanish and I stayed with her most of the time. But then I started to make a lot of friends when I started to learn English a lot more. I remember that I loved to learn and play tag with everyone.
  • Having my little brother

    Having my little brother
    I remember always asking my mom for a little brother, at the time my dream was to be an older sister. I always loved the idea of being able to have a best friend at home. Actually for Christmas I asked Santa for a baby brother and the most ironic thing happened. My little brother was born on December 24th, 2008. I was the happiest little girl ever, I took care of him, played with him, talked with him and so much more.
  • Independent

    One day when I was riding my bike, I got tired go having my training wheels so I asked my dad to take them off. That day I stayed outside for hours trying to teach myself how to ride my bike. I let my dad guide me the first times but then I asked him to sit and just watch. I fell time after time but I would get up and keep trying. By the end of the day I had learned and I was so proud of myself.
  • Going to Disneyland for the first time

    Going to Disneyland for the first time
    One day my mom and dad told me that we were going on a family trip. I had no one idea where we were going to go, until we landed and the next day I saw the huge Disney castle. I remember all the rides I went on with the rest of my cousins and I also remember how I met my favorite princesses and Disney characters.
  • Going to Mexico

    Going to Mexico
    This summer I went to Mexico. On this trip I celebrated my golden birthday with all my family and I had a birthday party, I went to many pools, different beaches and to my uncle's restaurants. I went to many different places,I also met new family, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, my aunts, uncles, and cousins. This was also a very special trip to me because that was the last time I saw my grandpa because a few years later he passed away and I didn't get the chance to see him again.
  • Switching to a new school

    Switching to a new  school
    My parents said I was going to switch schools and start 6th grade in a whole new school.The reason for that was because my school was too far from my house.I was sad to leave the friends I grew up with since I was in preschool and leave all the wonderful teachers, I knew very well. The summer of 2014, I began at my new school named St.Pascal. I was scared since it was a change and it was also a catholic school, so I would have to get used to new changes and to a different environment.
  • Joining the basketball team

    Joining the basketball team
    During the month of November my school was doing tryouts for the basketball team. I really didn't want to join because I didn't think I was very good. But I pushed myself to go to tryouts and I ended up making the team. By the end of the season I had made amazing friends and I learned to cherish a sport. I did basketball for the rest of middle school.
  • Becoming a camp counselor

    Becoming a camp counselor
    During the summer of my 7h grade year, my school always hosted a summer camp for prek to 8th graders. I applied to be a JR. camp counselor since I love little kids and I would be able to help out the teachers. Throughout me being at the camp I helped out with the little kids, I packed lunch, cleaned, went on field trips, arranged trips and more. I worked at the camp for 2 summers and absolutely fell in love being around the teachers and the kids. I enjoyed helping out and being a leader.
  • leadership

    During this summer I learned how to be leader to the kids I was watching in the summer camp. I learned to show them right from wrong and how they can do things by themselves. I didn't just learn about the children but I learned about how I had an impact on them. I learned that what I did they would follow.
  • Caring

    An event that made me into a caring person was when every weekend I stayed at my grandmas house to help her with my grandpa. He was sick and I wanted to help my grandma as much
    as possible. I stayed for like 2 months and I really enjoyed the extra time I had with both of them, especially my grandpa.
  • Organized

    On this day me and some of my friends decided to help out and organize the library at our school. Since our school had gotten new books, the library was a mess. I decided to volunteer and organize the library, it took us about 4 hours but at the end everything looked so lovely. Then the classes actually got to enjoy the library again and get the choice to check out books again.
  • Generous

    I went to feed my starving children about 5 times in and out of school in the last couple of years. There I made meals for starving kids, that didn't have much. The food I would make would be shipped out to many different countries such as Africa, Peru, Guatemala, Haiti and other places too.
  • Open-minded

    On this day it was my last mass with my whole 8th grade class and i pseudo myself to take a new role in my church. By reading the a part from the bible to the entire school, parents, neighbors and more. This was out of my comfort zone but I pushed myself to open up to new experiences.
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    On this day,I remember being really sad to be leaving my new school.I made so many memories and I made so many friends, which I thought I wouldn't since I was new.But they all accepted me as if they knew me for longer.We all matured together and we for sure became a big family.I was so used to seeing their face for 3 years that I wasn't ready to move on to new things but deep down I knew everything would turn out better.This goodbye was very hard because we all became so close with each other.
  • Starting High School

    Starting High School
    I remember when I woke up I was so anxious and nervous to be going to a new big school with many students.I was very scared because I didn't know anyone at Taft.But through the day I pushed myself to talk to new people and I actually made a lot of friends and to this day they are my closets friends.In each class I would come in not knowing anyone but I would come out with knowing new people, then becoming friends.I enjoyed my first year since I had amazing teachers and a new world to learn in.
  • Friendly

    On the first day of freshman year, I saw this girl sitting by herself and I felt really bad so I went up to her and I invited her to sit with my friends and I. I introduced her to everyone and she sat in my seat because I wanted her to feel conformable.After that me and her had a good conversation and she for sure felt welcomed.
  • Brave

    My experience with zip lining made me braver because i used to be scared of very tall heights. During the summer in Mexico I got the chance to zip line and I felt like I was on top of the world. The air was keeping my face and it felt as if I were flying.
  • Responsible

    My neighbors asked me to watch their dogs for about 2 weeks. This made me responsible because I had different rules to follow, I was in a new environment. But I did the best and I took very well of their dogs, I would walk them at the time they told me, find them twice a day at the specific time, shower them and whatever more my neighbors asked me to do.
  • Flexible

    During the beginning of this school year I joined some new clubs. With that I learned to be more flexible with having time for everything, I have always been flexible but this year I am learning way more about it since my classes expect more since they are honors, and ap. But then I also need to practice and spend more time after school with the clubs.