My Hero's Journey

By Exaseal
  • Period: to

    Life in Australia

  • 7th Grade In Australia

    My mother decided to send me to Australia for middle school. I am separated from my family alone with my mother in Aussie land.
  • 8th Grade In Boarding School

    I am sent to a Christian, Scottish school to board school on my own. I am faced with an unfamiliar culture, activities, and racism. Also, complete separation from anyone I know.
  • 8th Grade In Boarding School

    Afraid of being called the 'homesick' boy, I forced myself into accepting the situation, forcing myself to forget about home and family. But end up worst
  • Return to China

    Through boarding alone away from my family, I've found what I value the most. Being by myself, I feel empty and without goals and purpose, because I value my family. Finally, in the winter of 2017, I talked to my parent to take me back to China.