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  • I was born to Doug and Diane Wells

    I was born to Doug and Diane Wells
    On the same week I was born thousands of people were listening to Beyoncé's new song "Irreplaceable"! #IloveyouqueenBeyoncé I was born in Henrico, Virginia! I weighed around 8 to 9 pounds.
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  • I rescued a Cat!

    I rescued a Cat!
    Me and my mom rescued Coco from our neighbors who weren't taking good care of him. He was starving and to make it worse, it was the middle of winter. So we decided to talk to our neighbors one day and they told us to just take him home because they "didn't want to deal with him anymore".
  • I attend my first ever Concert!

    I attend my first ever Concert!
    When I was a little younger my best friend Jada and I fell in love with this band called " Why Don't We". They were all we ever talked about day and night , so both our moms bought us tickets to see them live in concert! That band will always have a special place in my heart, but over the past few years I've matured more and moved on to other musical artist.
  • My pet spider!

    My pet spider!
    I've always hated spiders and their creepy eyes, legs, faces and basically everything about them. About 8 months ago I stumble across a injured jumping spider in my house. I took them home and made a littler terrarium to keep them in. Now 8 months later i still have her, Reggie (her name) has helped me gotten over my fear of some spiders but definitely not all.
  • High School AHHHHHH

    High School AHHHHHH
    Although we haven't even had a full week of school, I'm already exhausted. I like all of my teachers and I'm excited to get to know them but with Covid there are obviously a lot changes and restrictions.