My Digital Timeline

  • Birthday

    I was born in Chicago on New Years day in 2005.
  • My sisters birth

    My sisters birth
    My first siblings was born in Chicago. I was 3 years old.
  • My youngest sister's birthday

    My youngest sister's birthday
    My 2nd sister was born in Chicago too. I was 5 years old.
  • Painting

    When I was younger I use to remember that I liked painting. It was one of my favorite hobbies. As I got older I stopped but I think I might get back into it because I feel like it can be therapeutic
  • Getting my first cat

    Getting my first cat
    I got my first cat. We got her from Indiana she was a year old when we got her. Her name is Nini.
  • First time traveling

    First time traveling
    The first time I traveled on a plane I went out of the country to Mexico. I was 13 years old and I went there to visit family members.
  • Getting my 2nd cat

    Getting my 2nd cat
    I got my second cat as a surprise to my parents. We got her when she was a few weeks old. Her name is Nikki.
  • Mexico

    When I visited Mexico It was really fun. I learn more about my culture background and the food was amazing. I'm looking forward to going there again when this pandemic is over
  • Getting into Baking

    Getting into Baking
    During 8th grade I got into baking as a hobby. I bakes cakes cupcakes for family friends when it was their birthday. I also use to make a cake for every holiday.
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    I finally graduated from 8th grade. I was excited to go to high school but I was also very sad since I wasn’t going to the same high school as my friends
  • First day at Taft

    First day at Taft
    My first year at taft was at the freshman campus. I really enjoyed that year because I got to make many new friends and I really liked the new building
  • Clarinet

    For my first year I choose to do band. In that class I got to pick an instrument to play and i've always been interested in playing the clarinet.
  • Covid Starts

    Covid Starts
    During January there were news about covid cases outside the U.S. Then eventually it spread throughout the whole world and around March everything went on lockdown.
  • Online School

    Online School
    Covid started to get ore worse. We were in a lockdown but we got to do remote learning from home for the rest of the school year. I did online for half of freshman year and my whole sophomore year.
  • Getting my dog

    Getting my dog
    It was very boring just staying at home. I've always would go on walks but I wanted someone to go with. So my family and I decide to adopt a new puppy. Her name is Julie.
  • Biking

    During the lockdown It was very boring staying at home. So I would bike at.a bike trail near my house. Throughout the whole summer I really got into biking
  • Helping others

    Helping others
    This mainly started with my personal project. But then even after that I still wanted to help people in need so I did some care packages that had essential things. I also donated some stuff and volunteered at church.
  • Concert

    I went to a concert with my family. It was a Mexican concert. There were multiple singers there and there was even a horse show. I really enjoyed going to this concert. I've never been to one like this one before.
  • Cooking

    Over the years I've been getting into cooking more and more. I first started to cook traditional Mexican food and from there i've been learning more no how to make different foods.
  • Playing piano

    Playing piano
    Being stuck at home unable to go anywhere made me want to try new things. So I started to play the piano because I wanted to know how to play multiple instruments.