My 5 Events

  • Getting Back on the Horse

    Ever since I was little, I have always loved horses. One day, when I was learning how to ride a horse, I fell off and suffered a minor injury. At first, I got so scared, and I started crying, but then I thought it was pretty fun, even though in reality it wasn't. From that experience, I learned not to quit and to be strong because sometimes there are bumps in the road, and you just have to deal with it.
  • The Beginning of My Sticker Collection

    Ever since I was little, I always loved stickers. I remember when I was in kindergarten Mrs. Brady used to put stickers in our planners, and I was her helper. Becuase I was the helper, I sometimes got a few extra stickers. Then when I turned six, my aunt gave me a Hello Kitty sticker collection box. It was awesome! Well, that is how I started to love stickers. Another reason why is because they motivated me when I got stickers as a reward.
  • Learning Responsibility

    As a child, I used to spend countless hours playing with Polly Pocket dolls. Since then, I learned to be responsible because I didn't want to lose any shoes or clothes belonging to my dolls. This really helped me to not only be responsible, but to be organized, and this has given me great help for today at a young start.
  • The Hammer

    When I was about seven years old, one of my precious toys broke, so my dad helped me repair it. He gave me a little hammer. This really influenced my life because I remember the words he said. He told me to be strong and tough as nails. This made me want to reach my goal by being strong.
  • A Child Called "It"

    I remember on Thanksgiving I read this book called A Child Called "It", and it made me realize the I should be really thankful for the amazing family I have because in this great book it talks about how a child was beuing abused by his mother. He wasn't even allowed to eat. This really touched my heart because coincidentally on Thanksgiving, I read a book that made me realize that I am blessed to have my great family and all my other blessings.