My 2014 Timeline

  • 2014 Countdown with Family

    2014 Countdown with Family
    5...4...3...2...1!!! I still remember the day I stayed up till the countdown, it seemed like 2014 passed by in a blink!
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  • Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year
    I remember this day I went out to do a Scout service where I had to help the dancers. I still remember how badly I didn't want to go but I went anyways. It was an okay experience, nothing special, but I recall someone very kind helping me take this picture because he saw how keen I was on taking photos of the dragon itself.
  • Locked In

    Locked In
    I don't really remember what the specific date of this was, but I still remember the time how I was locked inside my own room because the handle fell off! I was so scared honestly, I got metally prepared and my mum told me that it might take a day to get it fixed so she'll give me some water through a straw through the door. Thankfully, my dad managed to find someone that very night to fix me or else I would've panicked my head off.
  • Best Friend's Birthday

    Best Friend's Birthday
    My best friend since childhood's birthday! Forgot what we did to celebrate it but all that matters is that I know we had fun!
  • Close Friend's Birthday

    Close Friend's Birthday
    Another friend of mine's birthday, I remember we went to her house and it was really special. One thing I particularly remember is the strawberry cake, yum!
  • Ballet Grade 7 Exam

    Ballet Grade 7 Exam
    I have been doing ballet ever since I was a 6 year old kid, if I remember correctly. It's just a personal thing I guess, I have it twice a week and the people I have it with are amazing. I would definitely continue on dancing until I go to university or something. Not only is it fun, but I also get to work on my flexibility! I don't exactly have a picture of myself at the exam, but here is a picture of the trio we competed in a competition.
  • Brother's Birthday

    Brother's Birthday
    I actually have a brother who's 2 years older than me. Meaning that he's currently in Year 12 and working on his IB (how fun). But anyways, we a love-hate relationship. Sometimes, he's very mean to me and sometimes he's the nicest guy in the world. Nevertheless, he's still my brother anyway and I look up to him very much as he totally aced his IGCSE's and exams.
  • Became a Prefect!

    Became a Prefect!
    This is the month I got an email from Mr Grady and Ms Adams announcing that I have become one of the many prefects for 2014-2015. I was very excited and am so thankful that I got chosen as there were tons of tough competition in my house. This is a very memorable month because I believe it will be useful for my future applications and improve my leadership/oral skills.
  • Set off to Los Angeles

    Set off to Los Angeles
    First day of my summer holidays and I'm off to all sorts of different places including Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Canada, etc. It was the best holiday I have ever experienced and I am looking forward to visiting those places again as I had a very short time in each location. I love long flights as well, so the 12-hour flight was very interesting.
  • Back to Hong Kong

    Back to Hong Kong
    Came back home after a long month's journey from America and Canada. I was very tired but it was all worth it in the end. I was also dreading the feeling of going back to school and waking up at 6 a.m every morning!
  • Brother in Hospital

    Unfortunately, something happened to my brother's intestine, and apparently it moved to a place where it wasn't supposed to be. Now I wasn't very sure what really happened but all I really understood was that he had to undergo surgery and in the end he was all better! I, myself have never needed the hospital since I was born (other than the time I was born) so I felt scared for him. And plus I know I definitely will not be able to be a doctor because I cannot stand these bloody body parts.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    This is always the important day in my calender because I have to remind myself that I need to wake up at 6 a.m and get ready to start the first day of Year 10! That was very exciting, and all the new I took, which were: business and media, made me very interested. Turned out the first day of Year 10 wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, I also got to meet back with all my friends as I have been missing out during the summer holidays. This is a picture of me in my business class.
  • Mum's Birthday

    Mum's Birthday
    My mum's birthday!! She didn't really want us to do much as a celebration, but we did all the traditional stuff anyways, like eating cake and drinking champagne (which didn't contain alcohol, don't worry). I still remember I got her this plastic container from Muji (which doesn't sound as good as it actually was). I'm not sure whether she enjoyed it or not, but at least I tried.. I don't have a picture of us on the day, but here is a random one of us on the Grand Canyon!
  • Swimming Gala

    Swimming Gala
    Probably the best early birthday present ever! So happy that all those training paid off, I ended up getting 1 silver medal (butterfly) and 2 gold medals (breaststroke and freestyle relay). This is the most memorable day in my life because I just recently decided I was going to take swimming seriously. This is because I have actually been swimming ever since I was little, but up until Year 9 I kind of just didn't try my best in training sessions and didn't take it seriously.
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    My 14th birthday!! Whenever I'm sad, it always cheers me up to think that I'm a millenium baby, meaning that I am born in 2000 which only occurs every 1000 years. So it is super lucky of me to have been born in such an amazing year that only happens so rarely. I don't really like doing much on my birthdays except just celebrate with my family, which I do so every year. I am so thankful for all the wonderful presents I received and I believe they made my birthday even better.
  • Thailand Golf & Mercy House | Challenge Week

    Thailand Golf & Mercy House | Challenge Week
    This was definitely the most meaningful Challenge Week ever, I went to an orphanage to help Thailand kids and they were the sweetest and cutest kids I've ever met. It was also really fun learning how to play golf for the first time. I wasn't that bad! Although I did get quite sunburnt out in the burning hot sun for a whole week straight. However, I really loved the hotel, it really met my standards (except for the lizards constantly appearing in our hotel room) and especially the swimming pool.
  • Dad's Birthday

    This day was my dad's birthday, I remember that he came home late that day because of all the work. He's the type of person who's really hard-working and a perfectionist, and I think I resemble him because both our properties are very similar. Again, we ate cake and drank champagne like usual and I remember giving him some food for his birthday. It was his favorite food -- nuts so I'm really glad he enjoyed that!
  • Last Netball Match

    Last Netball Match
    Our last netball match didn't go as well as we planned, but it was alright. If I remember correctly, our last netball match was with Sha Tin College. We really wanted to win them because we lost to them last year as well but however, we kind of underestimated their strength. Just because they were all small and short, doesn't mean they were bad at netball. In fact, they were very fast and worked very well as a team. We lost by 1 point but the whole netball season was a great experience!
  • No Internet Day

    No Internet Day
    This was a challenge set up by my English teacher, to not go on any electronics/internet for 2 days. I found it very interesting as it made me feel very relaxed and free from all the stress. My phone and laptop were switched off for the 20 hours and I learnt a lot of things from it. I also wrote an article about this for English, which thankfully gained an A.
  • Mini Enterprise

    Mini Enterprise
    This day was the first day selling products for Mini Enterprise. I take business and our group decided to sell bath bombs, hair bows (which I handmade), candles and lip scrubs. As you can probably tell already these are all aimed at teenage girls, and it was quite a success. But it definitely could've been better. Till now, we still don't know our results, but I know for sure we didn't win the profit award. I think our group won the presentation award though!
  • Got Full Marks in Maths Test

    Got Full Marks in Maths Test
    1st time in 4 years that I got full marks in a maths test! I studied quite hard for this and I am so proud of the result. Now that I've gotten full marks in maths, my next target is to get full marks in science! I am so glad that I got full marks, I was on the verge of crying of hapiness when my maths teacher, Ms Vaze told me I was one of the students in our class who got full marks! It was an easy test I thought but I need to keep it up and not slack off.
  • Scout Camp Exchange With Singapore Students

    Scout Camp Exchange With Singapore Students
    This was a 2 day 1 night camp (in tents!) and socializing with Singapore Scouts coming to Hong Kong for holiday. It was the best camp in my life, it was so fun and they were so nice. I was originally supposed to leave early because of my ballet lesson but because I just couldn't do so, I stayed there till the end. We did all sorts of activities, there was a campfire celebration where both our scouts just start to know the other better. I made a lot of Singaporean friends there too!
  • Ballet Christmas Party

    Ballet Christmas Party
    Ballet is one of the favorite things I like to do. To celebrate Christmas, my ballet teacher organized a party where all the ballet students from the same studio gather for some cake and food. It was very fun and I remember the amazing present my teacher especially ordered from a UK website for me and my classmates. It was such a thoughtful gift and related very well with the theme of ballet! I love it!