Music Timeline

  • Dad got full custody of me and my brother

    My mother wan an alcolholic and the judges were being very leaneant. But finally when i was 11 they gave full custody of me and my brother to my mom.
  • Busted my head open

    I really hipper and I wanted to tumble and I began doing back flips on my bed. I jumped too high and BAM I hit my head on the back of the window seal. Then I fell off and hit my head on my wooden toy box. I walked downstairs and my mom began to scream. I had to go to the hospital and get staples.
  • Got put on the cheer team

    I went to try outs at the end of 6th grade year and i tried so hard and I went and forget EVERYTHING at the actual try outs. But i won a toe touching contest. and a week later i found out I MADE IT
  • Got accepted into early college

    I saw on snapchat Shaun brown got into early college and i started crying automatically.... then i got home and checked the mail and I GOT INNNNN large packet!
  • I want to be a PJ

    I have always loved huge adventures and a passion for medicine. At first i wanted to be a EMT but by the looks of the salary i said NO! So i looked up more jobs that require adventure as well as eregency medical work. I found this job and have loved it ever sensse.
  • Go sky diving

    I love large adventures and sky diving seems like an amazing time. Also the career i want to go into contains of learning to sky dive. And i want to do it. I have for a while
  • I want to travel to other countries

    I have a passion for culture and the ways of living of others and i want to be able to experience it myself.