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Module 3 assginement

  • Oct 5, 1541

    Jacques Cartier attemped to set up a colony (not successful)

    Jacques Cartier attemped to set up a colony (not successful)
    Jacques Cartier was the person who discovered Quebec. He was looking for another route to get to Asia for gold and spices etc... Instead of ending up in Asia, he ended up in Quebec. He took three voyages to Quebec and on Jacques Cartier's third voyage to this new land. He wanted to set up a new colony but it wasn't successful. France lost intrest for 60 years.
  • Establish a settlement in Nova Scotia called Port Royal.

    Establish a settlement in Nova Scotia called Port Royal.
    The king sent people to Nova Scotia to try and populate it. This establishment was called Port Royal. Samuel De Champlain was apart of it. Sadly, it didn't work.
  • Champlain returns in 1608-09

    Champlain returns in 1608-09
    Samuel De Champlain returned in 1608-09 to make a trading post near Stadacona, which is Quebec today. He tries to developpe the fur trade
  • The Company of the 100 associates.

    The Company of the 100 associates.
    It was founded by Cardinal de Richelieu and it was financed by one hundred french shareholders which included Champlain. The Company of the 100 accociates were in charged of the while colony. They didn't care much about populating the territory they really only cared about making money. So later on, the king made New France a royal goverment and took out the company of 100 associates.
  • Laviolette establishes Trois-Rivieres in 1634

    Laviolette establishes Trois-Rivieres in  1634
    Laviolette establishes Trois-Riveres in 1634 and today, there is the Laviolette bridge connecting Trois-Riveres to Bécancour.
  • Paul Chomedey founded Ville-Marie

    Paul Chomedey founded Ville-Marie
    Chomedey settles in New France and settles in at a chapel with many people such as Jeanne Mance (who made the first hospital) to try and evangelize the people. Paul Chomedey was the first governor. In 1645, he had to return to France because his father passed away
  • Population Policies of Jean Talon

    Population Policies of Jean Talon
    Jean Talon came up with many measures to populate New France. He offered the solidiers money if they stayed in New France after the war and if they didn't like it they could leave after 36 months. He sent all the Filles de Roi to New France so that they can marry a solider and have many babies to populate the Colony since the 100 Associates didn't do a great job.
  • The British from the 13 Colonies settle in Quebec

    The British from the 13 Colonies settle in Quebec
    The british that settle into quebec were called loyaliste. They don't agree with the Americains who are revolting against there Mother Country Britain, So they move to Quebec because they had no choice because the Americains said that they had to leave or else they would be killed. The only colony that they were aloud in was Quebec because it was a British colony.
  • New immigrants 1760

    New immigrants 1760
    There were no longer only French Catholics coming to Quebec. There were the Irish who were Protestants or Catholics and the British people who were Protestants or even Jew.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The 7 year war ends. All the Territory that belonged to New France is given to the King of England except two small Islands, (St.Pierre, Miquelon) The french people who were living there had the choice to stay but if they stayed they were now British Subjects. All the Bishops had no choice but to leave New France and return back to France.
  • Royal Proclamamation 1763

    Royal Proclamamation 1763
    The king wanted to do something about the mass number of new people who spoke french. He made a constitution to place control on the French Britsish subjects and wanted to assimilate them. The Govenor was James Murray who was soon replaced by Guy Carleton because the English people weren't happy with James Murray's rules. But Guy realized he had to do the same thing as James because there were more french people then english.
  • Constitutional Act

    Constitutional Act
    They created this Act to make the Loyalistes and The french happy. This Act divided the territory into two sections. Upper Canada and The Low Canada. Each section had its own governor or lieutenant governor.
  • Act of Union

    Act of Union
    There were many Rebellions between Upper Canada and Lower Canada (1837-1838). They demanded democracy which forced the Britsih Parlement to make The Act of Union. It made The Upper Canada and the Lower Canada into one Province called The United Province of Canada.
  • British North American Act

    British North American Act
    Canada became a federation. At first it was made out of four provinces but then the powers were seperated into the federal goverment and the provincial goverment. Today, we still have the federal goverment and the provincial goverment, which explains why Quebec is the only place in the world that has Cegeps and not grade 12.