Mini Project: timeline of exposure to traditional/new media

Timeline created by Joro Jose
  • Children's Books

    Children's Books
    My mom taught me how to read children's books, and told me stories at night before going to sleep.
  • Television

    I watched a lot TV shows and cartoons on television. Most of my time was spent on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network
  • DVDs

    My parents would buy me DVDs of movies I enjoyed watching. This also allowed me to watch some of my favorite films that were shown before I was born such as Toy Story and Spider-Man.
  • Newspapers

    I showed interest in the newspaper when I noticed my dad reading it every morning. However, I would read very specific sections such as the comics.
  • Magazines

    My cousins introduced me to K-Zone and I was immediately invested in it. From upcoming movies and games to toy catalogs and fan-made comics, this magazine contained everything I was interested in.
  • PSP

    I asked my aunt for a PSP so I could play with my friends in school. It was gifted on my birthday.
  • Computers

    I first used a computer when our family had one built. I mostly explored the websites of Cartoon Network and Disney to play online games.
  • PS2

    My family bought a PS2 for me and my sisters to play. After a year or so, I was the only one that still used it.
  • Facebook

    My sister made a Facebook account for me in September. I was initially after playing games such as Pet Society, but now, I use it mainly to communicate with peers.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    I was gifted a Nintendo DS during Christmas. However, my circle of friends were never interested in playing with me using in the portable console, so I still preferred the PSP.
  • Youtube

    I mainly used Youtube to watch walkthroughs for the levels of certain games that I had difficulty in.
  • Laptop

    The first time I got to use a laptop was when I borrowed my mom's. I mostly spent my time playing games on online websites
  • Phone

    My first phone was a Nokia that was given by parents for me to use in case of emergencies. I barely used it, but I brought it with me everywhere I would go
  • iPad

    I borrowed my dad's iPad a lot until he gave me my own a couple of months after.
  • Cloud Storage

    Cloud Storage
    The first time I used cloud technology was for school project in order for multiple people to have access to the same files.
  • Instagram

    I created an Instagram account to follow pages that provided entertainment. It took 3 years for me to start following people I knew in real life instead of just celebrities and online personalities.
  • PS4

    As a graduation gift, my mom bought me a PS4 to play with during the summer.
  • Netflix

    Our family first used Netflix to always have something to watch while eating together. Now, we use our different user accounts to watch movies and TV shows.
  • Discord

    I mostly use Discord to communicate with my friends when playing online video games.
  • Drawing Tablets

    Drawing Tablets
    I bought a drawing tablet for a project concerning graphic design. However, while practicing, I realized I had run out of time, and decided not to use it anymore for the project.