technology timeline

Timeline created by patrickjfox
  • Bithday

    I was born. no technology here.
  • casset player

    i remember having this little fisher-price casset boom-box thing. and i had a black case full of tapes. they all had crappy nursery rhymes on them, or were sort of like learning tapes with the alphabet or things on them.
  • portable cd player

    mom gave me a portable CD player and some crappy old school headphones for christmas. i used to take it to school with me on the bus everyday. i had a backpack full of 90s music, and a bunch of burned cds that my cousin made me. i remember them skipping as the bus bounced around.
  • mp3 player

    i remember buying a crappy little maroon collored offbrand mp3 player from costco. i cost and arm and a leg, and didnt have much storage space at all, but it was still cheaper then an ipod. i had all sorts oof music on that thing.
  • first cell phone

    I got my first flip phoe when i was either 14 or 15, i cant remember....i just know i got it sometime in middle school. it was a brick of a phone. i couldnt text with it, it was a prepaid phone with no plan, and no data or interent. and it had very limited minutes. i used to show off to my freidnds how i could throw it and let it drop and it wouldnt break.
  • ipod touch first gen.

    I remember buying one of the first generation ipod touch's from costco for christmas right when they came out. that thing was a tank. it would freeze up all the time, and the battery life sucked, but it WOULD NOT BREAK. i still have it. my parents use it to stream pandora in thier house.
  • first smart phone - Iphone 4

    my mom and dad got my sister and i Iphone 4's. my sister and I paid for these thigns. they were like $250, which was a lot. we had unlimited everything, and it was pretty darn cool. i never loved mine though because ive always been pretty anti-apple.
  • first android phone

    I traded my mom my iphone 4 for her galaxy nexus. i wanted something that wasnt apple, and she wanted the ease of user-friendlyyness that the iphone offered. (she still coudlnt figure that thing out though)
  • galaxy s3

    i got my current smartphone, a GS3, and i love it. it is my daily companion. i use it to play my music more than anything else. in my jeep, it is my radio. i use it for class to do assignments, and i use it for social networking. i very seldom use it as a phone anymore.