Me myself and I

Timeline created by alexandradeanut
  • I got my first teddy bear while in an incubator

    I was all premature, bloody and sad but i had a teddy bear
  • I walked for the first time

    I stumbled and fell a few times but i'm a fighter, i got through
  • I fed WIley donuts while we drove to Texas from Arizona

    We had to move from Arizona to Texas for my great grandparents. Wiley was my dog.
  • I met my first female enemy in pre-school

    Her name was Lilly.
  • I had my first crush at St. Paul

    His name was Sam and he gave me a dolphin ring.
  • I met my little munchkin brother and he held my hand with his tiny hand

    He was adorable and they actually trusted me to hold him
  • I met my first best friend

    Her name is Aly and we're still best friends.
  • I learned what it was like to live in Fort Worth

    We moved to Fort Worth to take care of my great grandmother
  • I saw my first drug exchange at Arlington Heights

  • I played with my favorite volleyball team at Hill School

    We weren't the best but we were a great team.