Lina's Timeline

  • My first day in kindergarten

    My first day in kindergarten
    It was a very special day, because I really wanted to go to the garden, because my brother was going to study without me and I was very attached to him.
  • Starting skating

    Starting skating
    When I got to know the skating rink I really liked it. My first day with skates was very exciting, I fell several times but that same day I managed to skate alone.I was a skater for 8 years.
  • My high school graduation

    My high school graduation
    It was a very special day. Although school was not the best time for me, that day I felt that a cycle was closing and that better times would come. Strangely I do not have photos of that day.
  • My firts day like a teacher

    My firts day like a teacher
    It was a day that I will never forget. It was a Saturday, in a school where they studied in cycles and I was really very nervous, I remember that when I was calling the list, my hands were shaking.
  • Period: to

    College graduations

    They were very special moments. My family has always been present. I feel that the last one, I confirm that it is the profession that I want to continue exercising.
  • The adoption of Tobias

    The adoption of Tobias
    It was a very nice moment, because although we have had a pet in the family, this was the first time I felt that this was my total responsibility and it still is.