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Life Without Him

  • As a Toddler

    As a Toddler
    As a child, I never knew my father. It was only my mother, older sister and I living in one of the worst neighborhoods known in Maryland. My mother was our only protection and deep down I know she was just as scared as us but never showed it.
  • Adolescent Years

    Adolescent Years
    My father was never around for any birthdays and I never really thought about him as a child. I remember seeing a couple of pictures of him but I never went further into conversation with my mother about him. I was mostly scared that if I talked about him, my mother would cry like she did when she would talk about my sister's dad.
  • Junior in High School

    Junior in High School
    He never had a chance to see my personality or the type of friends I kept in my life. It was not until high school that my mother started telling me about my father. She told me that she did not want to discuss the moments she shared because she wanted me to develop my own opinion if I were to ever meet him.
  • High School Prom

    High School Prom
    It was not until my senior year in high school that I started to wonder who my father was and if he wondered about me as well. He missed all of the important moments during my teenage years. My mother always spoiled me and tried to give me everything she never had.
  • Trip to the U.S.,Virgin Islands

    Trip to the U.S.,Virgin Islands
    In the summer of my senior year in high school, i decided to take action. I got into contact with one of my father's sisters and my mother and I took a trip to the Virgin Islands. There, I met alot of my father's family, and found out I had a brother named John.
  • Freshman at North Carolina A&T State University

    Freshman at North Carolina A&T State University
    My brother John told me I had a sister in New York which made me question if there were other sister and brothers out there that I had. My father was not in the Virgin Islands and none of his family knew where he lived. Still, he was not there for this important transition in my life in starting my freshman year.
  • Boyfriends in College

    Boyfriends in College
    Since my father was never around, he was unable to make judgements on the men I allowed to be in my life. However, my mother always told me, "the way a man treats his mother is the way he will treat you", and she was right. My mother has always given the perfect advice.
  • Expecting

    My mother had told me that the court house had said my father changed his name. I began doing research and found him on Facebook. I also found out that I had twelve other brothers and sisters and that they were meeting up the same weekend that I would be traveling back home. They would also find out that I was expecting a baby girl. Finally, we would unite.
  • Finally we Unite

    Finally we Unite
    Finally, I knew who I was. Not only did I get a chance to meet majority of my sisters and brothers, but I saw my father's face in person. Facebook helped me in finding my sisters and brothers and now I know my heritage. I am of Portuguese and West Indian descent. We speak everyday but some of my brothers will always be upset at my father.
  • My daughter Callie

    My daughter Callie
    My sisters gave me a wonderful baby shower in my hometown, Maryland. January 8, 2011, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Callie MiAmor Roberts, also known as Shortcake. I can only hope that she will have a loving relationship with her grandfather, that I never experienced with my father.