Life Time Line

  • Birth Date

    I Amanda McGuyer was born on October 30, 1989 in Berwin Illinois at McNeal hospital.
  • School date

    I started preschool in August of 1994, where I met my best friend.
  • New house

    In June of 1995, my parents bought a new house. While we were waiting for it to be put in we stayed in our garage. I was very happy to be back in a house.
  • Dad's new job.

    In December of 1997 my dad got a new job where he later accidently cut the tip of his finger off.
  • First trip to Floridia

    In June of 1998, my family and I took our first trip to Pennsacola Floridia. I remeber almost everyday of that trip.
  • Big change.

    In August of 2000 I started sixth grade. This was a big change because I was used to a little school and a class of 20, so it took some adjusting and I became a different person.
  • Trip to Florida by myself.

    In June of 2002 my dads oldest brother died, so my uncle his other older brother came up from Florida to visit. When he left I went with him and stayed in Florida for a month. I had only met my uncle a few times which was when I was younger. Looking back I can't belive I wasn't scared.
  • Life change.

    In December of 2005 I decided to make a life change, because God was calling me back to Him. I changed my life and began a new road and a new life.
  • Trial

    On September of 2006 I was faced with a trial. I lost my very best friend suddenly while I was with him. This tested my faith and strenghth but I endured and came out stronger.
  • Found love

    I met the man who was to become my husband. Since the day we met I knew I never wanted to be apart from him. In May of 2009 we got married and have been happy since.
  • Found purpose

    When I started taking college classes in Muhlenberg County, in August of 2008, I began working at a daycare in Central City. It was then that I decided that I am supose to be a teacher. I began taking classes for teaching and am in my junior year at MSU and am looking forward to teaching one day.