Life Span Activity Planning

By miabt1
  • Pre-School

    I wanted to learn all my ABC's, my teachers also tought us how to do them in song language.
  • Kindergarden

    I miss how esay math was. All I neeed to know is adding and a little subtracting.
  • Period: to

    my life

  • We won!

    We won!
    At my old school i was in the chours. We were very good, and all we wanted to do was win City. And in sixth grade we did, one of my best memories at Belding.
  • Graduation!

    I have never gone to a school besides Belding all my life. And all my aunts, uncles, and cousins went there to. It was a family thing i guess. We all graduated from there too.
  • my futer car.

    my futer car.
    On my sixtheenth birtday I want to wake up get my lisences and have a nice ride!
  • This better be the I Phone when my contract ends.

    This better be the I Phone when my contract ends.
    Technolagy is moving faster and faster everyday. i can not wait to see what Apple has instore for the wrold.
  • Deca!

    By senior year i want to be able to say i have gone to state with my bestfreind Jessica, we are a great team and i know we can do it!
  • I can not wait for senior prom

    I can not wait for senior prom
    I want my senoir prom to be a magical night. I hope to make memories that will last forever,
  • Collage here i come!

    Collage here i come!
    I would love to attend Cambridge in Enlgand. I know it is one of the hardest schools get into but I vist it every summer and i love more and more.
  • After college

    After college
    I want to get a job and live in England. I love everything about England, and all my family there!
  • Just married!

    Just married!
    I hope I can find someone to marry and have a big beautiful weeding!
  • My family

    My family
    I hope that my husnand and i have good jobs and can start our own family.
  • School

    I hope that we can offored to put our kids in a good private school.
  • Sports

    My kids will be in sports. I dream they love soccer and hockey.