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Life Events

By LauraKM
  • When I was Born

    When I was Born
    I was born on December 10th, 1999.
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    My Life events

  • Placemat Hat

    Placemat Hat
    I was wearing a placemat as a hat at my aunt and uncle's place and I wouldn't take it off.
  • Ate a whole box of Mini Wheats

    Ate a whole box of Mini Wheats
    I was on a road trip in Vancouver with my Mom and Dad. My dad bought a box of Mini-Wheats from Walmart. I kept eating those mini-wheats like there was no tomorrow, and I ended up eating the whole box. My dad was upset with me, while my mom didn't seem to care.
  • Kindergarden/School

    I started school and met two people, Maggie and Lauren. Lauren moved away later, but Maggie stayed. Kindergarden was fun, but the only memory I had was being pushed down the stairs by someone.
  • Learned how to ride a bike

    Learned how to ride a bike
    I learned how to ride a bike with training wheels, which I had for a long time. It was very hard to go up hills because I had a small bike.
  • A Structure to build

    A Structure to build
    During the Summer, Dad and I worked on a play structure. I had been desring a tree house or play structure efor a long time, because of The Magic Tree House series. When Dad and I finished, we had to paint it. We just painted it white, and it stayed white.
  • Elefun

    There was a game where this elephant would shoot butterflies out of it's trunk, and the person who collected the most butterflies won. I used to have that game, and I would play it all the time after I got it for Christmas.
  • Training wheels off

    Training wheels off
    The train wheels came off this summer. My dad bought a new blue bike for me when I could ride a bike without training wheels.
  • Kryn

    Kryn is one of my bestest friends. We met through a kid having a water gun fight. Kryn sprayed him in the face with water, but then he made a scene and we had to go home. I didn't go back to my house because my parents locked the door. So I hung out with Kryn and we've been friends ever since.
  • Ears pierced

    Ears pierced
    I went to two different Claire's stores to get my ears pierced. The first Claire's I went to had only one person in it, and Claire's has to have at least two people in the store for someone to get their ears pierced. I got my ears pierced, and it wasn't painful at all.
  • Bon Jovi Concert

    Bon Jovi Concert
    My mom's favorite band, Bon Jovi came to Winnipeg , and she decided to bring me along. First, Kid Rock was performing. After Kid Rock finished with the song "Sweet Home Alabama," Bon Jovi and his band came upon the stage.
  • Facebook

    The day I signed up for facebook.
  • Twix

    On this day, I went to Il de Chene with my mom and dad to buy a shiba inu. My dad paid $350 for Twix, and we ended up taking the howling puppy home in a sky blue laundry basket.
  • iPod

    After X-Mas, after waiting a long time to get an iPod, I finally got my wish. It was awesome, with a touch screen and how the games on it were free or very cheap.
  • Mystere

    I was in Las Vegas and there was a Cirque du Soleil show called Mystere, It wasn't until after the show I found out why it was called Mystere. I guess I could say that it was mysterious.....
  • Got a cellphone

    Got a cellphone
    I got my first cellphone, because my house is far away from the school, and I was going to walk home every day. The model is called a Motorola Grasp and it came in blue. It took me a few weeks to realise that I wouldn't use it that much.....but I was ridiculously happy when I first got the cell phone.
  • Marianas Trench concert

    Marianas Trench concert
    It was actually Simple Plan headlining the concert, but Marianas Trench is my favorite band. I got a high five from Josh Ramsay, and the guitarist of Simple Plan threw a beach ball at me. It was amazing to see my favorite band live and I hope to see them again.
  • Viva Elvis

    Viva Elvis
    An amazing Cirque du Soleil show, with Elvis' music! It talked about his life story, dreams, music and acting career. With Acrobatics, the entrie show was amazing.
  • O

    At the Bellagio in Las Vegas, I observed the Cirque du Soleil show, O. It was a water show, and was very interesting. I never understood the meaning or story of the show, but I liked it.
  • Drove a golf cart.

    Drove a golf cart.
    For starters, I didn't even play golf. I just drove the cart like a mad woman and I'm not good at driving either. At one point, My dad and I were at an angle because there was an edge, and two wheels were on the edge. He took the wheel and drove during that part. He probably won't ever let me drive a golf cart again,