Leaving Ireland

  • Immigration

    I wanted to help afford our house, but I could not because of the potato famine.My brother and I realized that they have to move quick, or the landlords will slaughter them as well! Luckily, I spot some crates that are being shipped to a boat that will go to America! I says to his brother that they should stay there, and they both get in separate crates. Unfortunately, the crate with his brother inside falls and leaves my brother vulnerable, and then the land lord shots him.
  • Dead Family

    Dead. My sister lies down on the floor dead. me and my brother just staring. her grave would forever be remberd by a pitchfork in the neck. I wanted to greave, I really did, but at that time, our family was reciving the ultimate price, and one that we could not pay. my mother had left us for dead those long 27 moons ago, when she took all of my fathers money, and left us for dead. my father had been left in depresion, and drank himself to death just the night before.
  • "Accepted"

    eight days later, Im sleeping in the crate, and suddenly, the crate is being opened! I panic and think that people are going to kill me! Then, the crate burst open, and I flop to the floor. The construction worker who opened the crate took the newly discovered stowaway to the captain without word. The captain says that I can live if I works for the people in first class for eight whole weeks
  • Making a Choice

    While I was sweeping someone’s mess up, the boat had finally ported America. I could not take it anymore, I could'nt take the 1st class slobs and messy dishes, the constant harassment and poor working conditions, so when the first class citizen were getting off the ship without exam, I thought it was the perfect opportunity, and got away unharmed.
  • Moving Out!

    after a month of living in the city and trying to find a job but could not, there was too much discrimination, so, when he got the news that he could move west for free land, and no pesky neighbors to bother him, he thought it was the perfect way to live.
  • A long train ride...

    I decided that city life was clearly not going to work for me, so I became a miner for the free ride west. thank goodness so much mining is happening here in the united states, or I might not make it!
  • The Great Escape

    When I and some of the other miners were going to blow a hole in a mountain, I decied that this would be the perfect time for escape! I race off, and run towards some people heading to a so called, land race!
  • Land Race!

    When I got to the land race, it was about to start! I had no time to practice or read instructions, so I ran off and took the first peace of land I could find.
  • Happy New Home!

    I finaly grabed some land after a couple days of searching, and this land is what I could only dream of and more! I have decided that I will live a peaceful life hear, and try to forget about my past.