Latin American Revolutions

By isidrah
  • The Haiti Revolution

    The Haiti Revolution
    The Haiti Revolution occurred between 1791 and 1804. Enslaved Africans rose up against their French master and revolted. Touissant L'Ouveture was leading the revolution but was then arrested after French people believed he wasn't being loyal to the agreement of stopping the revolution if they freed slaves. After Touissant was taken, Jean Jacques Dessaline stepped in and fought for freedom. In 1804, Jean-Jacques declared Haiti an independent country and abolished slavery.
  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution
    The Mexican Revolution took place between 1810-1821. Priest Miguel Hidalgo started the revolution by gathering all the lower class which involved the peasants. He claimed and called for rebellion against Spain which is known as "Grito de Dolores." The army that was gathered marched but were defeated. Afterwards, in order to keep the revolution going, Jose Maria Morelos became the new strong leader, but he was defeated. Mexico was helped by Agustin de Iturbide and claimed independence in 1821.
  • South American Independence

    South American Independence
    Many South American Countries fought for independence during 1800's, Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin were two key men who led the revolution. Simon Bolivar fought and won independence for Venezuela in 1821 after they tried to exile him. Jose de San Martin led Argentina to winning their independence in 1816 and Chile in 1818. When leading the fight for independence, San Martin gained independence for all Spanish colonies.
  • Central American Independence

    Central American Independence
    The Central Revolution occurred before the Mexican Revolution, but they got their independence in 1821. Many central American states declared their independence from Spain and Mexico after a long time of fighting for it. However, the "emperor" Iturbide didn't accept the declarations of independence and was overthrown years later. After being overthrown, the states declared their independence permanently. The Central American States were later called, "United provinces of Central America."
  • Brazilian Independence

    Brazilian Independence
    After many years of Brazil being under the control of Portugal, Creoles demanded that Brazil got their independence after King John was debating on making it a colony. Thousands of Brazilians signed a petition where they asked Dom Pedro to rule. After getting Dom Pedro to rule, he declared Brazil's independence on September 7, 1822. Brazil was a country that got it's independence without bloodshed or war, it was instead peaceful.