Latin American Revolution

  • Haitian Revolution

    Haitian Revolution
    • African slaves with European owners riot to take freedom from masters after learning about the success of the American Revolution.
    • Toussiant a leader in the Haitian revolution who helped gain freedom to all enslaved African Americans was unrightfully killed.
    • Lieutenant Jean-Jacques Dessalines steps up for the role and declares the colony an independent country.
  • Brazil's Independence

    Brazil's Independence
    +Due to napoleon the royal family fled to the largest colony, Brazil. Where they resided to avoid capture for 14 years until napoleons defeat.
    +After his defeat King Pedro and the rest of the royal family excluding Dom Pedro returned to Portugal just 6 years later.
    +King Johns plans for Brazil were neglected by Brazilians and in 1822, creoles held a demand for Brazil's independence from Portugal pleading to Dom Pedro to rule. He agreed and in 1822 he declared Brazil's independence.
  • South American Independence

    South American Independence
    In 1819 Bolivar's march took the Bogota by surprise claiming VE's independence. In EC Bolivar met San Martin together the future of Latin American revolutionary was won. AR declared independence, but Chile and Peru posed a threat. San Martin joined forces with O'Higgins's freeing Chile. San Martins plans needed forces much larger. The two men San Martin and Bolivar reached an agreement. San Martin would leave his army for Bolivar to command. The army defeated the Spanish battle of Peru, in 1824
  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution
    +Padre Miguel Hidalgo Begins a call for rebellion referred to as Grito de Dolores the march results in the defeat of hidalgos army in 1811
    +Jose Maria Morelos is recruted as the new leader
    for the revolution and leads for four years until his ultimate defeat
    +In 1820 Mexico's creoles gain fear for their
    privalges when Spain gives power to a liberal
    group.They then unite in support of Mexico's
    independence Agustin de Iturbide proclaims
    independence in 1821 the same man who defeated
  • Central American Independence

    Central American Independence
    +Several Central American states
    declare their independence from Spain.
    +Though Inturbide refuses to recognize
    these declartions ultimetly resulting
    in him being overthrown in 1823.
    +After Central America declared
    its absolute independence from Mexico
    they gained the name of the United
    Provinces of Central America
    countries Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras,
    El Salvador and, Costa Rica later developed
    in this region