Latin America Independence processes

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In History
  • Haiti

    Jean-Jacques Dessalines became its first ruler, first as Governor General and later as Emperor Jacques.
  • Ecuador

    independence process with the aim of breaking the colonial ties between the Royal Court of Quito and the Spanish Empire
  • Colombia

    It was the process that brought to the end the period of domination of the Spanish Empire in the current territory of the country.
  • Mexico

    known as the cry of Dolores and the uprising in arms of the indigenous inhabitants and peasants of the town
  • Venezuela

    It also implied the replacement of the absolute monarchy by the republic as a form of government in Venezuela.
  • El Salvador

    El Salvador
    The Salvador acquires its status as a free and independent republic
  • Argentina

    by which he declared the formal rupture of the ties of political dependence of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata with the Spanish monarchy.
  • Chile

    The independence of Chile corresponds to the historical process that allowed the emancipation of Chile
  • Peru

    after the viceroyalty troops left the territory.
  • Guatemala

    It was a historical moment that marked the country, it meant the separation of the Spanish Crown to a large part of Central America
  • Nicaragua

    By observing how other Spanish regions won the war of independence, Nicaraguan leaders began a process of negotiation
  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica began to redefine its identity as a country.
  • Panama

    Francisco de Miranda was one of the first to try to make Panama independent.
  • Brazil

    Thus giving way to the proclamation of independence presented by the Empire of Brazil
  • Uruguay

    by the Florida Congress, made up of representatives of the town councils of the Eastern Province.
  • Honduras

    the country's first constitution was formally adopted.
  • paraguay

    The independence of Paraguay was the historical process by which the current Republic of Paraguay
  • Republica Dominicana

    Republica Dominicana
    Sovereign state with a cannon shot from the Puerta del Conde
  • Cuba

    Cuba is the name by which the last Cuban war of independence is known against the Spanish Empire, in addition to the last of those carried out in the American continent.
  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico
    the Foraker Act created a civilian government that replaced the occupying military government.