Latin America Independence

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  • Chile owes loyalty to the King

    Chile owes loyalty to the King
    Another that can be called "progressive conciliationist" or "autonomist" affirmed that although Chile owed loyalty to the King, this was not through intermediate authorities, since Carlos III of Spain himself declared in 1798 that Chile was independent of the viceroyalty.
  • Independence of chile

    Independence of chile
    San Martin was not discouraged and
    decided to continue with his plans,
    only now he first had to liberate
  • First independence campaigns

    First independence campaigns
    The situation disturbed not only the Chileans, but also the Viceroy of Peru, José Fernando de Abascal y Sousa, Marqués de la Concordia (1806-1816), who at the same time saw an opportunity in the situation: the actions of the Carrera had caused that the garrison of Valdivia ended up placing itself at the orders of the viceroyalty

    Quito was to be the first in the history of
    Hispano-America to proclaim, on August 10, 1809, a government of its own,
    not designated by the Crown. Soon they would proclaim their meetings,
    immediately, throughout 1810, in many places and in Santiago de Chile (08/18).

    In Mexico, priest Hidalgo would yield in the town of Dolores
  • Mexican independence

    Mexican independence
    The priest Miguel
    Hidalgo was placed in
    front of the Indians and
    peasants and launched,
    as we saw, the "cry of independence "in the
    town of Dolores.
    Throughout three years,
    it obtained triumphs with
    its army and occupied several cities of Mexico,but was defeated in
    Guadalajara and executed by the realistic authorities in 1811
  • Old country of Chile

    Old country of Chile
    The Royal Court considered that the situation in general and the election in particular were anti-monarchical and conspired with the royalist Colonel Tomás de Figueroa, commander of the troops, who on April 1, 1811 rose up with the intention of dissolving the Junta and prevent congressional elections
  • Second intervention by the Carrera brothers

    Second intervention by the Carrera brothers
    These debates plus a disagreement with the politically dominant sector within that congress led to another coup d'état on November 15, 1811, which, starting with a triumvirate, José Miguel Carrera ended up leaving him total power
  • San Martin creates weapons

    San Martin creates weapons
    For that he spent years
    making weapons, bullets and all
    kinds of equipment, and organizing
    the Army of the Andes
  • Mexican independence

    Mexican independence
    The command
    was taken by another priest, José Maria Morelos, who led the second stage
    of the revolution (1811-1815). I have introduced a liberal state and agrarian
    reform. But he had him shot in 1815.
  • Defeat against Cacha Rayada

    Defeat against Cacha Rayada
    crossing was epic, but, as they had
    planned, the six columns met less
    than a month later in the Aconcagua Valley and although it suffered a serious
    defeat in Cancha Rayada
  • Triumphed in the decisive battle

    Triumphed in the decisive battle
    it triumphed in the decisive battle
    of Maipú, assuring the independence of Chile.
  • Steps of consummation

    Steps of consummation
    In 1820, a constitutional government was established in Spain, which guaranteed many rights, including freedom of the press. Soon they began to be published, both in Spain and in New Spain (a territory later called Mexico), numerous newspapers, pamphlets and pamphlets that spoke about the right to self-determination and the possibility of independence.
  • Final steps to consummation

    Final steps to consummation
    Between 1820 and 1821 there were various groups that despite their differences agreed that independence was a good thing for New Spain. Among these groups were conservatives, people from the church or from the high bureaucracy of the viceroyalty who feared that the new constitutional regime in Spain would take away their privileges.
  • San Martin sets sail in a fight against Peru

    San Martin sets sail in a fight against Peru
    San Martin
    sailed from Valparaíso (20-08-1820)
    with a fleet of eight warships and 16
    transport ships, and 4,500 men from
    the armies of the Andes and Chile.
  • Disembark and retreat to the mountain range

    Disembark and retreat to the mountain range
    disembarked in Pisco, and forced the realistic army to retreat towards
    the mountain range
  • Mexico proclaimed its independence

    Mexico proclaimed its independence
    Frustrated in their desire for autonomy
    and free trade, a group of conservative creoles proclaimed independence in
  • The consummation

    The consummation
    This stage takes place between February 1821 with the signing of the Plan of Iguala and on September 28, 1821 with the reading of the Act of Independence
  • Official independence of Mexico

    Official independence of Mexico
    Only when Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was proclaimed
    president of the Republic in 1833 Spain only recognized Mexican
    independence in 1839.
  • Guatemala secures Mexico

    Guatemala secures Mexico
    Guatemala with its provinces declared its independence
    from the Spanish Crown and, shortly after, annexed Mexico to
    defend itself better from Spain