Kayla Wagnon's Developmental Timeline

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  • I am born.

    I am born.
  • Infancy: Emotional Development

    During infancy I was insecurely attached to my father. I did not want to go anywhere with out him and I did not want him to leave me at home. If I was not with him I would cry for a while. I struggled to adapt to my surroundings without him. I also would not know how to interact with people if he was not with me.
  • Infancy: Physical Development

    I began walking around 9 months old. My mom said that I never crawled. She just turned around one day and I was walking.
  • Early Childhood: Cognative Development

    I do not remember it but my mom said the I used to have a stuffed duck that I had to have with me at all times. She said I would chew on the beak all the time. I would throw a fit if I did not have the duck with me. This showed that I had developed object permanence. I knew that the duck still existed even when it was not with me. Me always wanting to have much duck and crying if I did not fit with the research on children’s concept formation and categorization.
  • Early Childhood: Emotional Development

    When I was young everyone that met me would describe me as being shy and withdrawn. I was scared to talk to people unless they were really close to me and were around all of the time. I was also withdrawn and would play alone and quietly. This fits with Thomas and Chess's "slow to warm up" temperament style. How people viewed me tended to match my actual temperament.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    When I was old enough my parents would show me objects and tell me what it was. Then they would make me repeat it back. They would also read me simple children's books and point to pictures and have me name the object. I believe that this help my language development.
  • Early/Middle Childhood: Cognitive Development

    When I was younger I was a child that could be told once maybe twice a concept or instructions and could understand right away. I had several friends that were not like this and had to be told multiple times. This always confused me. I grew up thinking that I was intelligent and that some of my peers were not because they could not pick up on things as quickly as I would.
  • Become A Big Sister

    Become A Big Sister
  • Grandfather Diagnosed With Cancer

    Grandfather Diagnosed With Cancer
  • Parents Divorce

  • Late Childhood: Physical Development

    I entered puberty very early. I was in the fourth grade. My friends did not enter puberty until around sixth or seventh grade. I do not think this had any effect on me. The only thing that I would say is that I felt like I was more mature than some of my friends at a younger age.
  • Middle Late Childhood: Physical Development

    Playing in the yard with my brother would mostly consist of gross motor skills because we would be running around. Playing on the playground I would have used both fine and gross motor skills. Holding onto the swing would be a fine motor skill while swinging my legs would be a gross motor skill. Riding bikes would also use both types of skills.
  • Middle Late Childhood: Physical Development

    I was getting exercise by playing in the yard with my brother, constantly moving and playing, playing on the playground at school, swimming during the summer, riding bikes, and playing with my friends in the neighborhood. I did not have any feelings toward exercise. I did not know I was getting exercise I just thought I was playing.
  • Early/Middle Childhood: Cognitive Dvelopment

    I learned to read at the same age as everyone else. However, around the time that I was in the third grade I was not reading like I should. I had a very below average vocabulary. This also affected my speech. From the third grade to around sixth grade I had to go to reading recovery classes and speech therapy.
  • Adolecense: Physical Development

    Playing softball and volleyball would use gross and fine motor skills. Some of the gross motor skills would be running and jumping. Some of the fine motor skills would be having to swing a bat and hit a ball or throwing a ball into the air and hitting it to make a serve.
  • Adolescence: Physical Development

    I got exercise at school, at the gym, and sports. At school we had to run a mile at least once a week and we also had to do other types of exercises. At this age I started going to the gym and walking on a treadmill and lifting light weights. I also played softball and volleyball so I had to work out and run for those sports as well as playing them. I did not like exercising at all and did not want to do it. I started to realize that I was going to have to exercise to remain healthy.
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
  • Started College

  • Adulthood: Physical Developemnet

    I mainly use gross motor skills to exercise now. I get most of my exercise by walking.
  • Adulthood: Physical Development

    In adult hood I get exercise from going to the gym and walking to class. My exercise level is lower now than it has ever been. I get exercise by walking on a treadmill and around campus. I do not like exercise and I do not like doing it but I know that I have to stay healthy. By exercising I know that I decrease my risk for certain diseases and it will help me stay healthy.
  • Transfer to U.A.B

  • Grandmother Passed Away

    Grandmother Passed Away