Journey by Dakota Cook

  • Birth Date

    I was born in 1842 and grown up in Germany always wanting to be farmer because we had one horse and one cow so I wanted a big farm of both. I grew up not having a lot of things I had 3 sets of cloths we were very poor. I started working at the age of 6 so I could get enough money to go to America and start my own farm. By the age of 10 I dropped out of school so I could have a full time jobs so I knew I had enough money. By the age of 15 I was working about 2 jobs. I had enough money to go to
  • Birth Date Contiue

    to America and start a farm but I wanted more so I could have some money in case something happened on the farm. I also had to work 2 jobs at the age of 15 because my mom got every sick and my dad didn’t have any money to get her treatment. I had to burry my mom 3 days before my birthday. I was determined to get to America so I could start my new life.
  • Event three

    I just got off the boat and now it is going to take for ever to get through to try to become a citizen of the united states. When I finally got to front of the line they gave me a pile of paper with questions on it about the size of my head. It took me about 4 hours to complete the whole thing by that time they were just closing up. So I saw a free bench with no one at it at the moment and I thought this is going to a good place to sleep for the night.
  • Event three contiued

    I got there and laid down and I had about 20 people asking me to move so the could sit down but I said no because I wasn’t giving up my bed so the can sit because I need some sleep. When I finally fell asleep some guy pulled me off the bench so he could sit down but I woke up and I told him I was here first and I was sleeping. I fell asleep with the pile of papers in my hands it wasn’t going anywhere.
  • Event three contiued contiued

    It was a nice bench to sleep on because I got a good night sleep and I was going to be the first one in line with the packet.
  • Event four

    The just opened the door and I jumped up off the bench and I was the first one in line. It took about 15 min so they could look over my papers and finally they called my name. I was so happy and then they said that I have to fill out another pile of papers it’s the law this pile was about half the other size. They said when I got done with it to come up to the front and they will take care of me.
  • Event four contuied

    Well I got the pile of papers done I went up to the front and the guy said have a seat we will call you name when we are ready. Well no more than 5 min past and they called my name and they gave me 75 dollars and a certificate that said my name and that I am a citizen of the united states. I finally got to walk out the doors and I am a free man and I am going to collect my land and start building my farm.
  • Event forur contuied contuied

    I am so happy I am a free man it took me over a month to get here and become a citizen and all that hard work to get enough money.
  • Event five

    I walked about 5 miles to the train station so I could get on the train and go to Kentucky so I could start the construction of my farm. I got on the train and sat there waiting for it to leave the were going right where I need to go. I sat on the train for about 4 hours until they got to where I need to go. Since the civil war was going on the prices of land was down and there was a lot of land that is still for free. I got right up to the front of the line and asked for about 600 acres.
  • Event five contunied

    They said no problem we have the prefect spot for that. I said it is mostly all flat and they said yes sir. Then they asked me if I wanted to pay for it now or pay it off over time. I said that I will pay for it right now so they said its going to be about 150,000 and I said here you go. That leaves me with about 400,000 to build my farm. They gave me a map that had where my property was.
  • Event five contuied contuied

    The First thing I did was went and found a group of men that I would help me build my farm so I asked them and I said that I will pay good money if they will help me. The said that would so then I went to the lubber yard and bought some fence to put up around property so people could come an say this was there's.
  • Event six

    It took us men one whole week to put the fences up around the whole 600 hundred acres. The next thing we started on was the building of my house. I had 12 people work on the house at one time, I thought that we would have the house down in a week times. But I was wrong we got it down in about 2 weeks Inside and out just like how I wanted it. The I sent about 6 men out to start putting up the fences to separate my fields.
  • Event six Contuied

    Then I and the other guys Started building the horse barn. That took us about a month to do because in side we had to separate the stalls so I could put the horse in the stalls. After that all of the guys that were working for me we started making a barn were a hundred cows would come in and I would milk them. It took us about a month to complete that then we had to move on the cow barn where when the cows weren't out in the field being milked the could be in there.
  • Event seven

    Once we finished that I told the men that I was going to pick 6 of them that could stay and work on the farm. So that got them thinking why we built a house where they could stay and work on the farm. That took us about 2 weeks to do but while we were working on that I had two of my workers to build a gate at the start of my drive way so if a cow or horse got lose that they couldn’t get out of the farm.
  • Event seven contuied

    Then I had the men build a calf barn so when the calf's are born that they could go there until they will be bred or milked or sold. Then it took us about a month to create a yearling barn so the horse that are just born can go there until they are sold or go to work. We final got finished of building everything that I need and right where I wanted. The next thing I did was I picked 6 guys to help me out in farming and with the cows and horse.
  • Event eight

    I went and bought cows and horse that filled my 50 stall barn for horse and a 300 stall barn of cows. I already am starting to make money and I am living the dream right now.
  • Event one

    I just turned 20 yesterday and now I am getting on the boat to go to America so I can start my new life on the farm I am going to build. I am very nervous when I got on the boat. They gave me a bed because we will be about a month to get across to Ellis island. What I did mostly on the boat is I sat on my bed and had a pencil and paper and I was drawing out what my farm was going to look like. I must have went threw about a book or 2 full of paper because I kept making changes.
  • Event one contiued

    I had to sleep next to a kid that didn’t shut up he would either be asking me a question or singing o just talking it was very annoying. I asked God to keep me safe on the journey and I know he will. We were half way there and I go board so I went to the captain asking for a job to help out on the boat and they gave me a job so I was back to what I was use to.
  • Event two

    When I would be working I was still thinking about how my farm would look like and how I was going to set it up. So the captain said we will be arriving at Ellis Island in about a week so I was determined to a get a sketch of my farm done and how I liked it because so I wouldn’t have to waste time on how to decide where to put things I just could get right to work. I still worked on the boat but every minute I got I tried to work on my sketch so I have every thing the way I liked It.
  • Event two contiued

    I heard the captain say over the income this will be our last night on the boat because in the morning we will be arriving in Ellis island. I stayed up all night to work on my sketch and by when the sun came up I had every thing just the way I wanted it. It was all worth it staying up all night even though I go yelled at a couple of times.