Jose de San Martin

  • Birth of San Martin

    San Martin was born on Febuary 25th 1778.He was born in Yapeyu,in the Argentine province beside the Urguay river.He was born to Don Juan de San Martin and Doña Gregoria Matorras.
  • The Move

    When San Martin was 8 he moved to spain.Once there he started an education and became freinds with Chilean Bernardo O’Higgins.Chilean Bernardo O’Higgins would latter in San’s life become a freindly liberatore in the South American revolution against Spainish rules.
  • Joining the army

    In 1791 San Martin joined the Spanish army.If you did not do the math he was only at the young age of 13.If the rules to join the military were the same as now (in 2015) San Martins would not be able to join the spanish army
  • Spanish resistance

    San Martin served a short time in Spanish resistance against Napoleon and the French.Shorty after that he went to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1812.At the time he was 34.
  • San Martin and his Mounted Grenadiers

    On Febuary 3,1813 San Martin and his Mounted Grenadiers won their first battle against the Spanish.This took place in San Lorenzo Spain.This win started a long undefeated streack for the Mounted Grenadiers.
  • Intending to cross

    Around Febuary 3,1813 San Martin and his Mounted Grenadiers traveled north. They were intending to cross the high Andes and go to Lima, Peru.He changed his mind due to safty and decidd to go south to Mendoza,Argentina and cross the Andes into Chile.
  • The townspeople

    On January 5,1817 San Martin and his troops got some supplys from the townspeople in Mendoza.San martin and his troops then begain to cross the Andes.It would take about a month for San martin and his troops to cross.
  • The battle of Chacabuco

    Only days after crossing the Andes,San Martin and his troops fought a battle. This battle was known as the battle of Chacabuco.San martin an his troops did win and at this time he got the tittle Knight of the Andes.
  • Bernardo O'Higgins

    After the battle of Chacabuco,San Martin hapilly entered Santiago,Chile.He was named the governor of Chile by the town concil.San Martins old freind Bernardo O’Higgins took took over political power in his stead.
  • The sail to Peru

    After Chile had control over the pacific,preparations began for the journey to Peru. San Martin started to sail from Valparaiso,Chile to Peru on August 20,1829.Not long after reaching Peru, San Martin surronded Lima and freed it from the Spanish control.In Lima San martin wrote to his friend Bernardo O’Higgins saying that San Martin foresaw the end of his public life with the liberation of Peru.
  • Protector of Peru

    On July 28,1821 San Martin got the title Protector del Peru.When translated to english Protector del Perú is Protector of Peru.He got the tittle by informing the Peruvians from the main plaza in Lima, that Peru was free and independant.
  • Private talks

    In 1822 San Martin meet with Simon Bolivar for a private talk about the future of the newly free South America.After the meeting San Martines military career slowed.I then ended as he predicted.
  • The Death

    San Martin returned to Argentina, but after the death of his wife, he moved to Europe with his young daughter. There he spent the rest of his life, returning only once to South America before his death. José de San Martín died in France, on 17 August 1850, at the age of 72.