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Jordan's Timeline

  • Kindergarten

    1.) Thats when i live with my mom and my punk ass daddy
    2.) I was playing flag football my punk ass daddy was a coach
    3.) I beat a boy up because he sat at the marker board on free-time
    4.) I went on a field trip we walk to the fire station
    5.) I was always a minute late to school so i could get donuts for breakfast :)
  • 1st Grade

    1st Grade
    1.) I transfrerd to academy of dallas the dirtest school i ever been too
    2.) I was consired ghetto because i walk in and sat in the chair wrong
    3.) I learned my alaphbets in sign lanuguage
    4.) A janinator taught me my colors in spanish
    5.) A horse walk in the back door of the school
  • 2nd Grade

    2nd Grade
    1.) I moved in with my gangster all day everyday granny
    2.) My granny worked for the juvilene
    3.) Her boyfriend had a really fast car
    4.) We lived with her momma over there of polk steert
    5.) We moved because they got into a big fight and we was over there off of ledbetter and westmoreland
  • 3rd Grade

    3rd Grade
    1.) Transfered to adelle turner elementary
    2.)Slapped a Girl cause she slap me
    3.) Had to fight her big brother but my lil bro and me jumped him cause he came to our crib
    4.)Mr.Lindsay put me on top of the locker cause i was talking stuff to him
    5.)On field day this crakhead girl stoled my cd player :(
  • 4th grade

    4th grade
    1.) Curse out my teacher Mr.Rec but i didnt get in trouble because my granny knew he was gay
    2.) My first real girlfriend
    3.)She broke up with me because some girl liked me and kept calling me baby
    4.) I had fought this boy 2 grades above me I won tho :)
    5.) I went to houston on the last day of school
  • 5th Grade

    5th Grade
    1.) Transfered to thomas tolbert
    2.) My mom died when i was in 5th grade
    3.) I was really smart compared to all the other black people
    4.) I only went to P.E. not music and computer lab
    5.) I hated that computer lab teacher but i cant explain why its a long story