Jonathan C Beninati's Time Line

  • Franis Beninati

    Franis Beninati
    My Grandpa Francis passed away in December. It didn't effect me then but now because I never got to meet him and creat memorys with him. I've learned that even the past can catch up to you
  • 9/11

    9-11 happened and everyone at the time in my family was watching the news and crying over it. I might of been a baby but it still effected me. It made me and my family very secure about leaving the country for vacation.
  • Tip of Survival

    Tip of Survival
    One time when I was little I was messing around and spraying my sister with the hose in the back yard of my mom's house. I was on top of the pool lader and my sister pushed me on accident. I feel 4 feet and my left leg cot onto one of the steps and I saved my self. I learned that day that things happen and sometimes they happen on accident.
  • Pre-K Friend

    Pre-K Friend
    I had no friends at the age of 4 because I just moved to a new Pre School. I made m a new friend which is now my best friend Brogan. I learned that moving schools isn't bad as it seems.
  • Fury Friend Raisan

    Fury Friend Raisan
    I made my first fury friend Raisan. He was a rescue dog and he was a mix of a Poodle and a Shar Pei. As much as I loved him and all the memorys I made with him I will never forget him.
  • Athletic Kid in Training

    Athletic Kid in Training
    I played my first sport at the age of 5. It was soccer and later on in life it lead me to playing other sports like Baseball and Track. I learned that sports aren't hard and there meant for everyone to play.
  • Granie G

    Granie G
    In the year 2007 my family lost our loving Granie. My whole family knows now to charish every moment you have with everyone.
  • Beninati Pools & Spa

    Beninati Pools & Spa
    Around the time of June the pool business was terrible. You couldn't dig in the ground because of all the rain and it was never sunny out so the rain wouldn't evaporate. So my family couldn't make any money and we went poor over a long winteer season. I learned that year that work is hard and mother nature can take a good hit on it.
  • The Sport let Down

    The Sport let Down
    My parents asked me if I wanted to play soccer again for a 4 year and my answer was no. I said no because I heard my dad saying we were poor at a such of a young age, I was young and I mayde that stupid choose and I wish I said yes. I learned that the things imn the past can effect you'er future.
  • Fighting Parents

    Fighting Parents
    At the age of 10 I started to notice that my parents were fighting more often the usual. I was scared that they were going to break up and maybe cheat on each other so I would follow them and watch them. I learned that all I did was waste my time watching them because nothing happned until later...
  • The Quotes

    The Quotes
    I over heard my parent one day talking about getting a divorce. i was curious and I wasn't sure if they were or weren't so I minded my own business. I learned that I should of tried keepig them together and not just watching them fall apart.
  • Kalahari Story

    Kalahari Story
    Me and a few family members thought it would be fun to Kalahari located in Ohio. We went and had a great time but on the second night my older brother Jacob told me that our parents were getting a divorce. I was saad and upset about it and I learned that day that im better of having one of my siblings tell me domething rather than my parents.
  • Divorce

    After my parents divorce I waas sad and not happy for a long time. I felt like my life was falling apart and I had no purpose in life. I would slug around at school and get bad grades. I learned threw that whole experience of that apart of my life that the thing I was happy about was my parents could leave each other alone and be happy.
  • Freshman Year

    Freshman Year
    My first day of high school was great. I loved it and made a whole new group of friends. I learned that day that being more mature than most of your grade gives you the upper hand.
  • Step Sisters

    Step Sisters
    The first time I meet my step sisters Allie & Mary was around December. I thought I wouldn't like them and they would turn out wierd. After I got to meet them and get to know them I began to like them. Now I like them so much I love them like one of my own sisters.