Its all so horrible, funny, sad, and awkard ;)

  • Never been happier :)

    Never been happier :)
    Over the summer I had been talking to this guy from my church, his name was Brent. He made me happy and I could tell him anything. I remember one time he went to Branson and every night he would take a picture of the sunset and send it to me. I couldn't be happier.
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    Books, Books, Books, and more Books!!!!

    All year i was constantly reading book after book. I don't have a favorite and i couldn't count how many i read but some of them was the luxe series, madapple, the garden of eve, wicked lovely and tons more....
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    Rollercoaster ride...

    When me and Brent broke up I was heart broken. For almost the rest of the year we were off and on, and it was like I hated him one week and loved him the next. It left me crying almost every night we were together and even when we weren't. After months and months of arguing and fighting I realized that I didn't really need him and now I don't talk to him anymore.
  • my brand new P.I.C!!

    my brand new P.I.C!!
    Me and my friend Myleigh are total dorks. we do crazy and dumb things and in September we decided to call ourselves P.I.C's. at first it stood for Parteners In Crime. Then it was Peguins In Chili, then Peguins Is Chili. Now i think it means all three.
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    Cheerleading!!!! :)

    For my freshman year i was the only freshman cheerleader on J.V.!! and during basketball season i was the flyer!!
  • Can't Forget the BIFFLS!!! ;)

    Can't Forget the BIFFLS!!! ;)
    At the beginning of the year two of the first people that became my best friends were Carlos and Matt. Theyre my BIFFLS wich means best friends for life. They always crack me up and make me laugh.
  • Walking to the 3rd floor.....EVERY DAY!!!!

    Walking to the 3rd floor.....EVERY DAY!!!!
    At the beginning of the yar me and my bestfriend Rachel never saw each other. So every single red day we walked to her 1st hour class....on the 3rd floor. I've walked up that stair case every single day for that past year.
  • Even though I try really hard....I can't forget Raine and Logan!

    Even though I try really hard....I can't forget Raine and Logan!
    Raine and Logan are brothers who are both in new g's. Somehow over the year they became some of my closest friends. There totally crazy, weird, awkard, and annoying; but there like my brothers.
  • truth

    In class we learned about the truth in story's.
  • Taylor and Me!!!!!:)

    Taylor and Me!!!!!:)
    Over the year me and my friend Taylor from New G's became so close that every weekend i would be at her house!! she is my best frined and i can depend on her for anything!!
  • Figurative language, irony, sarcaism and blah blah blah...

    Figurative language, irony, sarcaism and blah blah blah...
    In this class one of the things we learned was things like figuartive language and irony and sarcaism. We learned how to use them in a story and how to recognize it while reading.
  • New G Christmas Concerts!!!!!!! :)

    New G Christmas Concerts!!!!!!! :)
    For those 5 days or so New G's, which is like a church singing choir of over 100 kids performed at a bunch of diffrent places. And we also performed with the St. Joseph Symphony!!!! :)
  • family problems...

    family problems...
    Instead of having Christmas at my grandma Sally's house like we did every year, we had to go to Trenton, Missouri because my uncle Jeff lives there. He has Lou Gherg's diesease and he can't walk or talk or do anything for himself.
  • Cheerleader again!!:)

    Cheerleader again!!:)
    For my sophmore year i made J.V. again!!
  • Dialogue

    In comm. arts we learned about dialogue.We learned how to use it in writing and diffrent types of dialogue like accents, jarrgan, and other things.
  • One of the Saddest days of my life :,(

    One of the Saddest days of my life :,(
    Today was the day that my youth leader at the curch I went to had to quit. He was so amazing and cared for everyone in the youth group. He had to quit because some people at the church didn't like him. I cried for days and days. I quit going to that church, it wasn't the same after he left.
  • A Nurses Hope

    A Nurses Hope
    In the 4th quarter our over all assignment was a historical fiction story we were supposed to write about of a war. Mine was on the Revolutionary War and it was about a womans husband who goes off to war and while he's gonw she takes care of wounded soldiers.
  • Reaserch....

    During the 4th quarter we learned about researching for history papers and other things.
  • my life lesson :)

    my life lesson :)
    Over the year i learned that without my friends i would be nothing. I would be a sad miserable mess. I learned that everyone has friends. But only some people have trye friends. And im one of them.