Independence of Colombia

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In History
  • France invaded Spain

    France invaded Spain and Napoleon made his brother, Jose Bonaparte, king, but most loyal subdites citizens didnt accept his government
  • Spanish Junta dissoved itself

  • Cartagena de Indias established a Junta

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Independence of Cartagena

  • Antonia Nariño won in favor of centralism in the battle of Bogota

  • Nariño´s government is defeated by the federalists

  • Bolivar comes back and takes posetion of the government

  • Bolivar became president of gran Colombia

  • Battle of "el pantano de vargas"

  • Battle of Boyaca

    Simon Bolivar proclaimed independence
  • Bolivar enters Bogota with his liberal troops

  • The Gran Colombia was created

    It was the inufication of Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuala, and Panama
  • The first constitution is implemented

  • Panama joins Gran Colombia

  • Pro-Spanish resistance was defeated

  • Santander propused a new studie plan to diverse education and limit the catholic church

  • Bolivar prohibits Santanders rules.

  • Rapture with Venezuela

  • Santander is exiled

  • Rapture with Ecuador

  • Simon Bolivar dies in Santa Marta