Immigration Timeline

By s-blowe
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  • Irish Revolution Hits/Immigrate to America

    I have been packing my bags, without my parents knowing, for weeks to travel to America for my own land because of the Irish Revolution. And today is the day when I left home.
  • Arrived at Ellis Island

    I arrived at Ellis Island. I passed through the first examination, but they had to keep me at the medical examantion in case of someone else's sickness got passed on to me. This lasted for four days until I was successfully cleared.
  • Arrived in New York

    I finally arrived in New York from Ellis Island. And I notice all the changes and differences. And I am worried on where to start.
  • Housing/Jobs

    I managed to help other people from my country to form our own neighborhood, which we called Littly Italy, in the east. We also started our own job building which we sold some of our own Irish products.
  • Shot/Recovery

    I have been shot in the left arm by the goverment because they didn't like that we made our own neighborhood and had made our own business on their property. My friends took me to get some help.
  • Released/Big Changes

    Today is my birthday and I am finally released from the hospital. As I return to my neighborhood and job, everything disappeared and I am hungry, tired, and don't know where to go.
  • New Land/Reunited with Family

    After my job, home, and people disappeared, I found a flier with land, and have been riding on a hoarse with others to the new land. This is the day when I finally reached my destination and have landed my own land..... that I have to share with my family when they arrived because of the new land.
  • Death

    I died on this day, leaving my own land in the faith of my family because I have been affected by the polio diease and wasn't able to recover.