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  • I was born.

    I was born in a hospital in Germany.
  • Period: to

    Growing up.

    i grew up in a house with my dad and mom died when i was 15 and i lived in there house and worked as a farmer. i can barely keep up with my increasing rent.
  • Parents die

    My mom and dad die of the Flu and leave the house to me, an only child.
  • High rents

    the rents get higher and hard to keep up with and the land lords threaten to kick me out.
  • Immigrating to America

    Finally earned enough money for a passage to America. I will be staying on the Steerage.
  • The Boat

    I am on the Steerage and the rooms have bunks and not much space. the food is terrible and we are living uncomfortably
  • Ellis Island

    The people are being examined for their health condition and if we have payed for our passage. They are asking where we came from, our age, why we immigrated here, and who wa are meeting
  • Working

    i have been working in a factory and living in a Slum
  • Moving West

    I am traveling west to Oklahoma to get my free land. I will be entering a race to find my land on July 15 12:00.
  • The Race

    Im getting ready t ogo get my land and there are hundreds of people here to find their land. im nervous that i won't get the land i want.
  • Settling Down

    i am finally ettled down. The land isnt erfect but it works, andi will be growing onions on my farm.
  • Death

    I die of Pneumonia and my land goes up for auction.