Immigrant Timeline

  • Birth date

    I was born in Italy I am 30 years old with a daughter who is 14 years old. I was born in 1863 and my daughter was born in 1879. it is now 1893 and I am going to the united states of America.
  • event 1

    My name is Lizaida Garcia .I'm at this place that is known as Ellis island I'm with my daughter Annalise. I came here Because I killed my husband but, I had my reasons for years he as been abusing my Daughter and it had to end. Many people are here in Ellis island they asked me a lot of Questions I lie when they asked if I did a crime. I passed there little test I am now waiting on the Other side for my daughter they kept her in for questioning for a long time I was worried But then she came.
  • event 1 still

    and we were both on the other side hoping for a new life here I hugged for pretending Not to look at the scars on her face.
  • event 2

    I told my husbands money we were very rich in Italy so I had enough money for a home in the
    Middle class. I was told by some one that my daughter could work and I am happy about that more money is being put in own hands. Me and Annalise got a job at this place called the triangle shirtwaist factory we work everyday and all day. I start today I'm getting ready to walk out the door Annalise is always getting dressed slow. Me and Annalise work on the same floor so I can keep an eye on her I met
  • event 2 still

    some on named lissette mia she is form Italy too so its easy to talk to her. She has a son a little younger then Anna.
  • event 3

    There was a fire today in the factory I was scared all day with only one exit I grabbed my daughter by the arm and ran to the exit. Not thinking about my new found friend and her son I ran to the exit and saved me and my daughter. Lissette and her son escaped the fire I lied to them and told them that I couldn’t see them with all the smoke and I tried to look for them. Its was hard lying to my own kind but I just had to do it if I wanted us to still be friends. I have to find a new job now but
  • event 3 still

    I think I can be a maid for the rich. I got a job at the upper class I'm a maid for this white rich guy.
  • event 4

    I go to work in an hour I had to wake up really early because the boss wants me to go and clean his house. I'm at his house and its really big with gold things I have to clean this house with my new found white friend she is really poo. Sometimes when I find thing when I clean I take them and hind them in my clothes I sale them and take the money for food. I save the other money I have to pay the bills in the house. Annalise has been home alone for along time but she's okay she is 14
  • event 4 still

    and can take care of her self. My boss looks at me weird and gives me money then he gives my friend I like he likes me ill date him if he does because he is rich so now I need to work my magic and see if he likes me or not.
  • event 5

    He asked me out I said yes to him and he told me I don’t have to work for him no more and me and my daughter can live with him. I'm so happy that I came this far me and my daughter are now happy and have a different life. I soled my house and now I have more money I'm going to hind this from him my plan B to all of this.