History timeline sec 4 yay

  • Period: Oct 3, 1500 to

    First Occupants

    This was an approximation of their regime. It goes way back further than 1500 but there is no space on the timeline
  • Jan 1, 1534

    Jacques Cartier Exploration

    Jacques Cartier explores the St.Lawrence River region in search of a passageway to Asia.
  • Oct 3, 1535

    Jacques Cartier

    Jacques Cartier explores the Mouth of the St Lawrence and the Interior
  • Oct 3, 1541

    Jacques Cartier

    Jacques Cartier explores the St Lawrence valley
  • Port Royal

    Port Royal is established in 1605 by the order of the King of France.
  • Samuel de Champlain founds Quebec

    Samuel de Champlain founds Quebec in order to facilitate fur trade with the Amerindians.
  • Company of 100 Associates

    King of France sends Company of One Hundred Associates to populate the colony.
  • Trois Rivieres

    Laviolette established Trois Rivieres
  • Period: to

    French Regime

    This was the approximation of the length of the French Regime
  • Ville Marie

    Paul Chomedey founds Ville Marie.
  • Montreal

    Maisonneuve establishes Montreal in 1642
  • Royal Government

    King Louis the 14th implements the Royal Government in New France
  • Jean Talon

    King of France creates the position of Intendant who is in charge of settlement and population of territory. Jean Talon is the first intendant and creates various measures to stimulate population growth. He sends engages, soldiers and the Filles de Roy.
  • New France Soldiers

    King sends a regiment of 1200 soldiers to New France to protect the colony from the Iroquois. When they were done their work Jean Talon tried to get them to stay by offering money and land. About 600 of them stayed, and married the filles de roy.
  • Filles du Roy

    King sends women to New France to populate it. Approx 800 of them settle down and have 4450 babies.
  • Filles du Roy

    The king of France sends the Filles du Roy out to the New World to populate New France. More than 800 girls settled down and had children. 4450 children were born because of them.
  • Treaty of Ryswick

    First Intercolonial War ends
  • Great Peace of Montreal

    A war between the french and the iroquois is ended in 1701 with the signing of the Great Peace of Montreal.
  • Treaty of Utretch

    Signing of the Treaty of Treyarch signed in 1713 divides territories
  • Fertility

    Fertility rate for women is more than 9 children per woman.
  • Aix-la-Chapelle

    Third intercolonial war ends with the Treaty of Aix la Chapelle in 1748
  • British Deport Acadiens

    The British deport the Acadians
  • Period: to

    7 Years War

    The Seven Years War in Europe with Britain and France. The British take control in North America in 1760, but the war rages on in Europe until 1763
  • British take over Quebec

    The British take over Quebec in 1759
  • The British take over Montreal

    The Brits take over Montreal in 1760
  • CONQUEST IN 1760

    British take over New France.
  • Period: to


    From the Military Regime to the Statue of Westiminister
  • Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris is signed in 1763 which gives New France to the British, and the British change the name of New France to the Province of Quebec.
  • Royal Proclamation

    Royal Proclamation, signed in 1763 renamed New France to Province of Quebec, decreases the borders of New France drastically, the Governor rules the province, english criminal and civil laws are applied, no new bishop after the old one dies, no Roman Catholics can hold office (test act)
  • Stamp Act

    Tax on Americans for newspapers and legal documents

    THE QUEBEC ACT WAS SO EVIL!!! HAHA It brainwashed french canadians (lol morons) englarged the area of quebec, denied elected assembly, an appointed council of 17 members, French Civil laws were instated, and the Test act oath made people swear an alliegnence to the king to hold office.
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution starts, recedes from British Empire
  • American Declaration of Independence

    'Merica. Nuff said.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles is signed, Britain recognizes America's independance.
  • Constitutional Act

    Province of Quebec splits in two Lower Canada and Upper Canada. Lower Canada had an almost all french population of 160 000 people, and Upper Canada had an almost all English Population of 20 000 people
  • War of 1812

    The War of 1812 escalated when the British started sinking American ships, and the Americans got pissed so they attacked the closest British territory to them, Canada. Canada was like, wtf man and they were like were so going to war bro. America was like no u rnt my bro lol. The Americans attacked Canada and had failed attempts at raids. The Canadians attacke the US and burned down the White House. It ended in a stalemate and neither side won.
  • Locomotives in Britain

    Steam powered locomotives are built in Britain in 1814
  • 92 Resolutions

    The 92 Resolutions are created by Louis Joseph Papineau in 1834. Their main demand was a responsible government. Lord John Russel responds with the 10 resolutions and makes matters worse
  • First railway system in Canada

  • Results of Rebellions in Lower and Upper Canada

    Lord Durham is sent to Canada to determine a solution to the french problem. His reponse was to up immigration from Britain, to Unite the two Canadas since Upper Canada has the higher population now, and that responsible government should be granted to eliminate veto power.
  • Act of the Union (4th Constitution)

    Province of Canada is created, Canada east and west have 42 members in each of their assemblies. Governor still has veto power, Canada east and west would equally pay Canada's debts.
  • Potato Famine

    90 000 people, mainly Irish, land on Grosse Ile escaping the Great Potato Famine.
  • Royal Govt

    Lord Elgin adopts the Royal Government
  • Creation of Canadian currency

  • Abolishment of Seigneural System

  • Reciprocity Treaty

    Canada signs this treaty with the USA that lasts 10 years, which means customs and duties between the two countries are temporarily ceased.
  • Charlottetown Conference

    Canada West/East leaders meet with maritime provinces (New Bruswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) to consider a merger.
  • Quebec Conference

    Agree on 72 resolutions to make the merger possible: A federal system, 24 seats to each colony, assembly elected by rep by pop, and a railroad between the colonies. Newfoundland and PEI withdrew, Dorion's parti rouge opposed the federation,
  • London Conference

    Leaders of 4 colonies wish to release the colonies from the British and become a self governing colony. The Dominion of Canada was created under the British North America Act.
  • Period: to

    Other colonies join Canada eh

  • Trans Canada Railroad

    Trans Canada rail Road
  • Period: to


    World War One starts with the ssassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.
  • Statue of Westminister

    Gave Federal Government power over foreign affairs.
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

    Economic collapse around the world
  • Period: to


    World War Two starts in Europe, when Hitler starts his invasions.
  • Battle of Hong Kong

    Canadian soldiers fought in Hong Kong
  • Failed Battle of Dieppe

  • Invasion of Sicily

    Succesful invasion of Sicily
  • Period: to

    Liberation of the Netherlands

    Canadians helped liberate the Netherlands
  • Newfoundland joins the federation.

  • Period: to

    Korean War

    The Korean War was a conflict between the Republic of Korea (The South) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (The North) The South was supported by the United Nations Coalation, while the North was supported by China and the Soviet Union. It was the result of political differences in the country. From 1910 until World War Two, Japan controlled the whole Korean peninsula until their defeat. After 1945, the US forces occpied the south and the Soviet forces occupid the north, for a while.
  • Period: to

    Quiet Revolution in Quebec

    Change in status Quo
  • Quiet Revolution

    The Quiet Revolution cannot be described as an armed conflict, but as the people speaking for themselves. They were tired of the excessive control of the church, and wanted women's rights, conctraception and sort of the beginning of a secular society.
  • Vietnam War

    America starts a war with Vietnam, They eventually lost
  • New Flag

    Quebec got a new flag
  • Rene Levesque quits Liberal party, creates MSA

  • Rene Levesque creates the Parti Quebecois

  • October Crisis

    The price of oil rose dramatically. Started a recession.
  • Trudeau

    Pierre Eliott Trudeau wants to give Canada the power to amend the constiution without British Permission
  • Constitution Act

    Constitution Act is passed, thanks to Trudeau.
  • Kyoto Protocol

    Rule on greenhouse gases
  • The birth of Jared Wisnia the first, and the rightful ruler of Earth

  • Laval U

    Catholic controlled university
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Intense battle that took the lives of many English and French soldiers against the Germans, the Canadians won the battle.