Highlights Of My Life By Gabrielle Araujo April 22nd 2019

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  • Miss Independent

    Miss Independent
    Starting at a young age, I had to do everything myself. I wouldn't listen to anyone else, not even my parents, earning myself the nickname of Miss independent. My family and I were at the beach and I was eager to get into the water. But in order to get to the water, I had to walk across that part between the beach and the water where a bunch of sharp rocks and pointy shells sit. My mom told me to put on water shoes which I didn't do, so I walked across screaming and crying.
  • Lighting Sparklers In My House

    Lighting Sparklers In My House
    When I was around 4 years old, my parents had bought sparklers for the family to enjoy. In my parent's birth countries, it was traditional to light fireworks outside your house around Christmas time. But living in America and in New York, fireworks were very much illegal. My parents, not knowing this, set off sparklers in the house and we went outside running around with them and celebrating. Until some officers showed up and gave us a warning.
  • Finding Out Just How Severe My Nut Allergy Is

    Finding Out Just How Severe My Nut Allergy Is
    My parents figured out I was allergic to peanuts pretty early, considering I ate one and then almost died. My throat swelled up, I was vomiting everywhere, my eyes were swelling up and I had bumps on my skin. I survived but everyone knew I couldn't eat them. Then one sunny day in April, my family was taking the shells off of peanuts. I wanted to help, they said sure as long as I didn't eat them. Just by touching peanuts I got the same reaction. Now I have to carry around an Epipen.
  • The Importance Of A Bear

    The Importance Of A Bear
    In Kindergarten, there was a class bear, each student got to take him home and go on an adventure with him. After the adventure we had to write a log entry of what we did and include a picture. I chose to run errands with him and have a tea party at home. I didn't even want to give him back and considered saying I lost him to keep him, I eventually gave him back but I had an obsession. This small bear impacted me as I ended up collecting a lot of stuffed animals that I still have today.
  • Fear The Bird

    Fear The Bird
    Early in July my family and I went to the Bronx Zoo. In an attempt to beat traffic and line for the zoo, we went early in the morning. I have always had a phobia of birds and throughout the zoo, birds can fly over your head as part of the experience. We happened to pass this rather large nest which my mom wanted me to take a photo in. I would've it done happily until my brother said that a big bird would swoop down and get me. I was terrified and almost cried but my mom wanted the photo.
  • Sleeping Comfortably

    Sleeping Comfortably
    The only way I used to sleep was if my blanket was ears up. Meaning the bunny's ears had to be facing me otherwise I couldn't go to bed. Many say what you watch on tv can interfere with your sleep and dreams. I watched a lot of cartoons like Tom and Jerry and the Smurfs. What I saw was right as the characters were about to relax on a chair or go to bed, they would put their hands behind their head and fall asleep. Going to bed I figured I'd fall asleep faster if I did the same, which I did!
  • Representing Guate!

    Representing Guate!
    I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to represent my mom's home country Guatemala by doing traditional dances. I danced with my mother and her friends at cultural events. Being able to take part in these celebrations was life changing, I could really embrace my culture. I learned not to feel embarrassed to be different and rather proud that I could speak, read and write in two languages when people can't even spell "your" correctly in one.
  • Time Of Struggle

    Time Of Struggle
    When this photo was taken, I had just come out of surgery getting my appendix removed, two months earlier I had just been third degree burned. My parents and I went through an immense amount of struggle that year as I had been through a lot of pain and was practically a small child they had to take care of. It was hard to watch them cry as I learned to walk again after my burn and could barely walk on my own after my surgery. I am truly grateful for my parents and the strength they give me.
  • Mess Fest

    Mess Fest
    Fresh out of eighth grade, I was a CIT at Green Chimneys in 2016. Mess Fest was coming up but I had no idea what awaited me. Everyone had told me to wait and see, hyping up the fest and terrifying me. To my surprise and horror, I was thrown into a mud pit and was attacked with baby powder, shaving cream, and paint. The festivities were filled with getting and avoiding other people, right after the fest we were thrown down a giant soapy water slide. Hands down my favorite part of that summer.
  • Fishing!

    My dad considers himself to be the greatest fisherman to ever live, to which of course I'd have to agree. My dad sadly has very bad insomnia and he often stresses about issues he can't control or that are far away from the time being. But fishing seems to be the place where he can be happy and relaxed. In 2016 we went to Hammonasset to go camping, just us, the entire week was filled with fishing and grilling. It was a huge success for me since I got to make my dad happy and stress free!
  • Lil Champs

    Lil Champs
    After my burn injury I was invited to attend a burn survivors celebration called Lil Champs, I had been attending the celebration for a couple years. But that year I had been asked to speak and it gave me a lot of confidence. Talking about my story was incredibly hard but talking to a room full of people who were just like me, completely threw out my insecurities. I realized talking about my story would raise awareness, and help others like me embrace who we are and how beautiful our scars are.
  • Surprised At Disney

    Surprised At Disney
    I was lucky enough to go to Disney for the first time for my 14th birthday. My parents and I hopped onto a boat to go eat at one of the small islands close to the park. I was wished a happy birthday by our waiter who was very kind and managed to read my badge. I could tell our waiter was tired, probably because of rude customers, but by being polite and kind towards him, he had a change of heart. After dinner he gave me this cupcake, free of charge, a small but memorable act.
  • My First Scholars Night

    My First Scholars Night
    Growing up knowing that my mom and dad couldn't afford to go to school when they were younger was heartbreaking. My brother unfortunately didn't finish high school which motivated me to try as hard as I could. My middle school grades were awful and seeing how much high school meant to them, I wanted to do my best. But going to scholars night and seeing the happiness my family had for me was beyond words. My family is my biggest motivator and making them proud means the world and more.