Canadian immigration

Grade 10 Timeline

  • Period: to

    War of 1812- Politics and Law

    Military conflict between the US and Great Britain. Colony of Great Britain and Canada was swept up in the War and was invaded a number of times by the Americans. The British restricted the American trade due to a fear of war with the French. They also wanted to set up an Aboriginal colony in the Midwest to maintain their influence in the region. The Americans wanted a war against the British. The Britsh contuined to not have as strong range of soliders, so they brought the Canadians in to help
  • Period: to

    Great Migration- Politics and Law & Economy nad Technology

    In a gap of over 35 years, 560,000 people from Britian came to Canada to seek a better life. They came searching for new oppertunities and new jobs with better avaliabilities. In Britian, the Napoleonic Wars had just finshed leaving multiple mean wounmdering the streets for jobs. Family's had little to loose since they had nothing to start with on the journeey to a new start. Push Factors- Over population, poor harvest
    Pull Factors- Shipping routes, easier job searches and a better education
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    Transportation- Economy and Technology

    Britian only had one type of trasportation to get to Canada between 1815-1849 they could only get there by stream ships. The Stream ships only carried hundred to two hundred people in a very small area. If people ended up getting sick most did. This traveling experience left many extremly ill or dealth had reached them.
  • The Hudson Bay Company and North West Company-Politics and Law

    The Hudson Bay Company and North West Company-Politics and Law
    Both companies were suffering financially, wasn't enough furs since the animals were dissapearing due to the amount of hunting. They weren't making enough profit. They decided to merge together and keep the name 'Hudson Bay Company'.British parliament gave new company over Ruperts Land and control over the Rocky Mountains.
  • Rebellions of 1837-1838 - Politics and Law

    Rebellions of 1837-1838 - Politics and Law
    In Canada changes in the social and economuc landscape of British North America, industrial Expansion (Great Lakes and Central Canada) and towns began busy and exciting, Then in Britian housing intrests in British North America were too pricy there were no investing oppurtuinities. The Colonies became self suffianciant. Many debates emerged about the "Union of Canada", colonial leaders began to protect their interests of their own colonies.
  • Durham Report- Politics and Law

    Durham Report- Politics and Law
    This report was created to discuss the current changes that the goverment was taking and what could possibly happen in the near future. He was sent to Canada to investigate the causes of the twin rebellions. Lord Durham cleaned up all the messes that were created from the twin rebellions. He was an intellegent and hard working man. His goal was to better the colonies and bring Lower and Upper Canada into one unified colony. Under the control of a responsible democratic.
  • The Oregan Trail - Society and Culture

    The Oregan Trail - Society and Culture
    Religious movement, social reforms, beginning of the Industrial Revolutions in America, remergence of a second party system amd more political democratzation, increase in federal power, increase in American nationalism, further westward expansion. Myth of west as a land of romance and adventure.
  • Act of Union- Politics and Law

    Act of Union- Politics and Law
    The Act of Union was passed by the British Parliament in July 1840 and proclaimed 10 February 1841. It united the colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada under one government, creating the Province of Canada.
  • Massive Immigration- Economy and Technology

    Massive Immigration- Economy and Technology
    Massive Immergration due to a Potatoe Famine in Ireland. Nearly one million died from the disease and famine. It is sometimes referred to, mostly outside Ireland, as the Irish Potato Famine because about two-fifths of the population was only reliant on this cheap crop.During the famine approximately 1 million people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland, causing the island's population to fall by between 20% and 25%.
  • Corn Law- Politics and Law

    Corn Law- Politics and Law
    Corn Law, any of the regulations governing the import and export of grain. Records mention the cheating of Corn Laws as early as the 12th century. The laws became politically important in the late 18th century and the first half of the 19th century, during the grain shortage caused by Britain’s growing population and by the restriction demand in the Napoleonic Wars. The Corn Laws were finally abolished in 1846, a triumph for the manufacturers, whose expansion had been prevented.
  • Red River Rebellion - Society and Culture

    Red River Rebellion - Society and Culture
    Beigening in 1860 and ending in 1870. This rebellion was a sequence of events. Fort Gary was an HBC trading post in Winnipeg. Orange Order was a anti-French and ani-Catholic members movement. Provincial Goverment ment to maintain order and give the Metis of Red River the power to negoticate and enter confederation. This all happened because surveyors were buying Ruperts Land. The Metis who lived there were having their land taken away. They had no say and feared for their rights.
  • Civil War - Politics and Law

    Civil War - Politics and Law
    The Civil War started because of uncompromising differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government. To restrict slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. Abraham Lincoln the first Republican president, oath to keep slavery out of the territories, seven slave states in the deep South left and formed a new nation, the Confederate States of America.
  • Manifist Destiny- Politics and Law

    Manifist Destiny- Politics and Law
    The idea that America was powerful enough to take over Canada and own all of North America. Canadian were fearful around the time of the Civil war and were terrified of an American take over
  • Quebec Confederation-Politics and Law

    Quebec Confederation-Politics and Law
    They were discussing in Quebec amout the railway linking all colonies. Getting Newfoundland to join confederation, how Prince edward Island didn't want to join. They brought up the joining of the armies to create power against their biggest threat the Americans. Many politicians, rivials and goverment generals attended the conference.
  • Britsh North America Act "Canada is Born"- Politcs and Law

    Britsh North America Act "Canada is Born"- Politcs and Law
    The BNA act was passed by the Britsh Parliament in 1867. It is a law passed that
  • Red River Rebellion- Society and Culture

    Red River Rebellion- Society and Culture
    Suryeyors seen Metis land and one Metis stood up for their rights and land, Fort Gary was captured by Louis Reil.
  • Manitoba Act- Politics and Law

    Manitoba Act- Politics and Law
    The Manitoba act made the lands surrounding the Red River the new province of Manitoba was welcomed by many Metis. The Metis left Manitoba in the early 1870's wanting to recreate the way of life they had enjoyed in the Red River. The Scrip began being used it was a piece of paper that could be used to certify possession of land or be exchanged for money.They issued the scrip based on the value of the farmland and converted into cash.
  • North West Mounted Police- Politics and Law

    North West Mounted Police- Politics and Law
    Americian Fur Traders founded the police force. The first headquaters were in Fort Livingstone in Saskachewan. One of the first officers to join was Samuel Benfield Steele or sergeant- Major Steele, he was very respected and was the leader. The purpose of their uniform was not to have accessories, but to be very sharp and proffectional.In 1904 they changed their name to Royal NorthWest Mounted police.
  • Canadian Pacific Railway- Contuined

    Canadian Pacific Railway- Contuined
    $200 million in subsides and land grans from British Columbia goverment to expand their business empire from rail line to mining and shipping. The goal of the rail way was to connect Canada from coast to coast.
  • Canadian Pacific Railway- Economy and Technology

    Canadian Pacific Railway- Economy and Technology
    People settled on the Praies, the demand for a new railway and a fster travel for people and goods increased. Prairie farmers complained about the monoply of the CPR and the high freight rates it charged. Two rival companies asked federal and provincial goverments to be able to build a new rail lines. MacDonals' goverment had built a transcontinental railway; the Laurier goverment would better it by building two. They wanted to extend lines in building on the Praies east to Quebec and West......
  • NorthWest Rebellion -Politics and Law

    NorthWest Rebellion -Politics and Law
    Louis Reil lead the Rebellion where the main aboriginal group was the Metis. The Metis was to protected their lands and rights.Three main battles took place over 3 months, the battle of Duck Lake. Where NWMP kept peace with Louis Reil.Then on April 24th 1885 the Battle of Fish Creek took place to complete victory of the Metis over the Canadian forces who tried to quell Louis Reil. The last battle of the Battle of Duck Lake which took place March 9th-12th in Batoche Saskachewan.
  • Yukon Gold Rush- Economy and Technology

    Yukon Gold Rush- Economy and Technology
    Access to the Yukon goldfiends by the easy sea route was only possible by crossing American territories. The discovery of god in the yukon in 1896 led to a stamppede to the klondlike region between 1897-1899 this led to the establishment of Dason Creek.
  • Part 3 Confederation

    Part 3 Confederation
    ... and other goods to Britain, Canada’s main business partner was Britain. Britain also wanted goods at a lower price than Canada, so the British government ordered to trade goods with other countries. Since Canada lost it’s most business companion, the economic went into a depression, and the government was at a low point at that time. Confederation has brought Canada togther as a whole creating our strong and free land.
  • Part 2 Confederation Turning Point Continued

    Part 2 Confederation Turning Point Continued
    ....Conferation was wanted by many different colonies due to the union of Canada. The economic concerns were actually partially created by the people who believed in mercantilism, which was an economic system based on colonialism, and that the home country have the right to bring raw materials from the colonies and back, in order to make goods for the citizens. Also some of the economic concerns began from Britain, because of the Corn Laws. Since Canada at that time mostly traded wheat.....
  • Part 1 Confederation Most Important Part of the Year

    Part 1 Confederation Most Important Part of the Year
    Confederation was created to support and connect all of Canada togther. They wanted to merge for the purpose of defending each other. Conferences and arranged negotiations, in the terms of Confederation on 1 July 1867. The union of the British North American colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada was the first step in a slow but steady nation-building exercise that would come to encompass other territories, and eventually fulfill the dream of a country...............