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    Going through History

  • Quebec was found

    Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City, the first permanent settlement of Europeans in New France, and the second-oldest permanent European community in present-day Canada.
  • Treaty Of Utrecht

    Great Britain and France signed the Treaty of Utrecht in the Netherlands, ending the 1702–1713 War of the Spanish Succession.
  • Loyalist Refuge

    Nova Scotia was divided into two colonies, creating the colony of New Brunswick. By 1785, the arrival of 15,000 refugee Loyalists had bumped the population of New Brunswick to about 20,000.
  • Radical Jack's Prescription

    Following the failed rebellions in Lower and Upper Canada in 1837, John Lambton ("Radical Jack"), First Earl of Durham, was appointed Governor General and High Commissioner of British North America in January 1838.
  • All aboard

    After Confederation in 1867, British North America's West Coast colony of British Columbia (the colony of Vancouver Island had joined it the year before) debated joining the new Dominion. In 1871, when the federal government promised to build a railway connecting the coast to Canada.
  • Ladies get their rights!

    Women were given the right to vote in federal elections, provided that they were aged 21 or over, not "alien-born," and met property qualifications in provinces where they lived.
  • Independant at last

    The United Kingdom Parliament passed the Statute of Westminster, 1931 at the request of the Dominion of Canada and the five other dominions: Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, the Irish Free State and Newfoundland. ("Westminster" is shorthand for Parliament and the major government departments, located within the City of Westminster in the centre of London).
  • The Quuen make's it offical

    The Canada Act 1982 received Royal Assent on 29 March 1982, ending the United Kingdom's role in amending Canada's constitution
  • Today

    Our system of government continues to change and evolve along with the needs of the people of Canada.