Gokul Murthy

Timeline created by goks92
  • Prenatal Care and Birth

    Born on sept 7th 1982 in Frasier,MI.
    Mother was a great care giver and always took care of her health as well as mine in the prenatal stage.
  • Language

    Grew up in a bilingual household speaking english and hindi
  • Bond with mother

    Developed a very special bond with my mom at a young age
  • Lactose Intolerant

    Brother and I were both allergic to regular milk. No one knew why we were always sick until a Dr discovered this!
  • Play Time

    Parents always took time to play and read to me, watching tv or video games was not an option growing up.
  • Soccer

    Developed a love for sports at an early age, especially soccer.
  • The Big Move

    Moved to a neighboring city of Canton,MI where I grew up and lived for 17 years
  • Socialization

    Began developing good friendships with neighbors even though I was new to the area
  • pre-kindergarten

    First time in school - did not qualify for kindergarten so I had to go to "pre kindergarten
  • Soccer

    First sport I was introduced to
  • First friendships

    Obtained my first friendships with kids im closed to today - john nick and shaun
  • Brother

    Started to develope a close bond between my brother and I
  • Glasses

    Unfortunately I saw an Eye Dr and realized I need glasses!
  • Education

    Average Student despite my parents constant push for greater achievement.
  • Basketball

    Around this time I really had a love for playing and watching basketball
  • Parental Styles

    This is the first time I can remember my parents showed different styles of parenting. My mom was very authorative, while my dad was more of an authoritarian.
  • Another Fricken Move

    We only moved 2 miles but it was a different school system and I had no friends at this school!
  • Puberty

    My body started changing
  • Friends

    Started developing a lot more friendships through sports and school. Developed a lot of great friendships that I still hold today!
  • Rebelling

    I rebelled against my parents wishes a lot in middle school.
  • Terrible Student

    Middle school was a bad time for me and school. I was a terrible student
  • Girls

    Started developing an interest in girls
  • Bad Freshman Year

    Did terrible my freshman year
  • License

    Got my drivers license
  • Religion

    Really discovered that I didnt care for religion that much
  • Brothers Passing

    My brother unfortunately passed away...
  • Senior Football Season

    Best year of my life!
  • First Rreal Relationship

    First real girlfriend
  • Spring Break

    First time out with my friends in cancun!
  • Living healthy

    Starting working out and eating healthy!
  • Wife

    First time I met my soon to be wife!
  • wsu

    Started at WSU
  • Best Buy

    Started working at Best Buy
  • Intelligence

    Started to become confident in my abilities and talents
  • First House

    Bought our First house
  • Got my first Dog

  • Got my 2nd dog!

  • Engaged

    Got engaged!
  • Graduation

    Graduation from WSU
  • New Career

    started working at St johns hospital
  • Married

    Got Married
  • Spain

    Traveled to Spain
  • Dream Job

    Football Coach
  • Kids

    I predict I will have children starting this year!
  • New House

    Hopefully Move Into a New house
  • Retirement

    Hopefully I retire!
  • Passing

    I feel like I've accomplished enough in life that around this age is when I will pass
  • Period: to

    The first 2 years

  • Period: to

    Play Years

  • Period: to

    Early School Years

    Starting from pre-kindergarten to 5th grade
  • Period: to

    Middle School Years

  • Period: to

    High School

  • Period: to

    College Years

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood