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From de independence to the revolution

  • Coup d´etat

    Coup d´etat
    The audience group stagged a coup d´etat
  • Armed movement

    Armed movement
    Miguel Hidalgo initiated the armed movement with Aldama and Allende.
  • Grito de Dolores

    Grito de Dolores
    The independence started when Hidalgo convocated the people to join him.
  • Southern Armies

    Southern Armies
    Jose Maria Morelos was named General of the Southern Armies by Hidalgo.
  • Execution of Hidalgo, Allende, Aldama and Abasolo.

    Execution of Hidalgo, Allende, Aldama and Abasolo.
    Hidalgo, Aldama, Allende and Abasolo were taken prisioners and sent to Chihuahua to be tried and executed.
  • Cadiz Constitution

    Cadiz Constitution
    Liberal Constitution against the absolutist regime and in favor of individual rights written by the Court of Cadiz.
  • Feelings of the Nation

    Feelings of the Nation
    Morelos expressed his ideals in the documents "Feelings of the Nation"
  • Ferdinand VII

    Ferdinand VII
    Ferdinand VII returned to Spain and didn´t recognize the Constitution of Cadiz.
  • Groups in Veracruz

    Groups in Veracruz
    Those groups were led by Guadalupe Victoria.
  • Guerrilla War

    Guerrilla War
    Were commanded by Guadalupe Victoria and Vicente Guerrero.
  • Royalists

    New Spain royalists conspired at La Profesa
  • End of Independence

    End of Independence
    The "Act of Independence of the Mexican Empire" was signed.
  • Attempt of reconquest

    Attempt of reconquest
    Was the first Spanish reconquest attempt of Mexico
  • Emperor of Mexico

    Emperor of Mexico
    Agustin de Iturbide forced the Congress to name him emperor but groups opposed and Mexico was settled as a republic and no as an empire.
  • Two different groups

    Two different groups
    The Congress members that weree seeking the establishment of the Republic were divided into two groups with different political ideas: the Federalists and the Centralists
  • Recognition of independent Mexico

    Recognition of independent Mexico
    The United States recognized the independence of Mexico.
  • Settling in North territory

    Settling in North territory
    The Mexican goverment gratified the grant to colonize the territory in the north, under the condition that the settlers were catholics.
  • First Federal Constitution

    First Federal Constitution
    After much debate, the Congress passed the first federal Constitution, which statedt Mexico as a Federal Republic
  • Spanish Surrender

    Spanish Surrender
    The bombardment of Veracruz fron an army group caused severe damage, but Mexico naval forces made the Spanish surrender.
  • Recognition of independent Mexico

    Recognition of independent Mexico
    Great Britain recognized the independence of Mexico because it had commercial interests with Mexico.
  • Spanish Conspiracy

    Spanish Conspiracy
    A Spanish conspiracy led by Father Arenas was discovered and he was executed along with Gregorio Arana.
  • The elections for president and fraud

    The elections for president and fraud
    After the elections for president, the Congress declared Manuel Gomez Pedraza. Many people and federalists groups claimed that the real winner had been Vicente Guerrero. The uprising led by Antonio Lopez de Santanna in suport of Vicente Guerrero, scared conservatives and politicians in power. The Congress rectified Vicente Guerrero as president of the Republic.
  • Second attempt of reconquest

    Second attempt of reconquest
    There was a new attempt of reconquest. The attack was repulsed by the general Manuel Mier y Teran and Antonio Lopez de Santanna, and the Spanish army was defeated.
  • Separation of Texas

    Separation of Texas
    Mexico sell Texas to the United States.
  • Austin was imprisioned

    Austin was imprisioned
    Esteban Austin wrote a letter to his countrymen telling them to ignore the government and to start organizing the municipalities. His letter was intercepted and he was imprisioned.
  • France blocked the port of Veracruz

    France blocked the port of Veracruz
    The French government blocked the port of Veracruz to impede Mexico´s foreign trade, because Mexico had a debt of 600 000 pesos.
  • 600 000 pesos debt

    600 000 pesos debt
    Mexico´s government agreed to pay the 600 000 pesos debt.
  • Annexation of Texas

    Annexation of Texas
    Texas was annexated to the American Union.
  • United States declared war on Mexico

    United States declared war on Mexico
    The US declared war on Mexico, justifying its militariy incursion with the lack of compensation payment to American citizens.
  • American flag

    American flag
    The American flag was hoisted at the National Palace.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

    Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
    The war came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in wich Mexico had to cede the territories of Texas, New Mexico and Alta California.
  • Constitution of 1857

    Constitution of 1857
    The Constitution arose from the debate between liberals and conservatives during the Constitutional Convention held in February 1856
  • Reform Laws

    Reform Laws
    The coservative government persecuted Juarez, so the liberal president promulgated the Reform Laws, which reaffirmed the liberal ideology and weakened the Conservatives.
  • French Intervention

    French Intervention
    Spain, France and England invaded Mexico demanding the payment of the debt.
  • Second Empire

    Second Empire
    Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife Charlotte landed in Veracruz and started the Second Empire.
  • Porfirio Diaz

    Porfirio Diaz
    Porfirio Diaz recovered Puebla and Maximilian retreated.
  • free secular education

    free secular education
    a law was passed that established liberal principles for a free secular education.
  • Maximilian´s execution

    Maximilian´s execution
    Maximilian was executed at the Cerro de las Campanas in Queretaro.
  • Juarez died

    Juarez died
    Juarez died as President of the Republic.
  • Porfirio Diaz became president

    Porfirio Diaz became president
    Porfirio Diaz took over the presidency of the Republic.
  • National Bank of Mexico

    National Bank of Mexico
    National Bank of Mexico was established, but about 80% did not enjoy the economic benefits.
  • Railroads

    New railroads were built.
  • reelection

    Porfirio Diaz was reelected, but most people did not even know that there were elections.
  • repressions against workers

    repressions against workers
    In Sonora and Veracruz
  • elections

    Diaz was elected candidate again.
  • revolution started

    revolution started
  • National university

    National university
    Justo Cierra promoted the creation of the national university