French Sovereignty Timeline

  • Period: to


    Uniting of Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario and New Brunswick. Causing Quebec to remain very strong in their French language.
  • Quiet Revolution

    Rapid changes in Quebec. From largely traditional/conservative to more modern and secular.
  • October Crisis

    Members of Front de Libération du Québec kidnapped the provincial labour minister Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross.
  • Referendums

    Wether Quebecer’s approved of the agreement between the Gov. of Quebec and the Gov. of Canada.
  • Canadian Constitution Act

    Ending the dependency of the U.K, making Canada a fully independent country when it came to matters of constitution.
  • Referendums

    Agreement for Quebec to become a sovereign. Meaning they would no longer be a part of Canada.
  • Quebec Sovereignty Debates

    Parti Québeć cois fighting heavily for Quebec sovereignty/independence to this day.