Five Things

  • God

    I always felt safe knowing that God was always and me. It was really nice to know that my gaurdian angel is always protecting me. Now I am never scared knowing faith is in me. God also helped me go through the tough times. He always made me feel comfortable. He helped my life actually become a life.
  • My Mom

    My mom has helped me to become a nice person just like her and to do my best. She has helped me with all of my homework and anything else that I needed help on. I am doing well in school because she has helped me throughout my life. She always got me what I needed and what will help me in school. My mom has helped me throughout my entire life.
  • My Dad

    My dad has made my life the best one I could ever imagine. He always would make sure that I was having fun and I was safe. He tried his best to get me the things that I wanted and the make sure I was happy. He tried to make me happy and he has succeeded. He has made my life a life that I will never regret.
  • Philippines

    The Phiippines has helped me to know what the other side of me was. It was always when I came there and helped me learn about the country. It always made me feel complete because I knew that I was in the country that my most of my family has been born. All the times I had in the Philippines was never boring to me. It was always a really good experience. It helped me to have an exciting life.
  • Basketball

    Basketball helped me become what I have become because it helped me to become healthy. I'm not going to lie, but before I was kind of chuby. I am now really happy with what I have become becasue I became a team player, helping out my teamates not just my self, like real life.I love to help people that need the help. I don't just give up on them I keep helping until they can do it correctly. That is what basketball has done to me.