Five Things

By cocojak
  • The First Time I Got Mad

    Everytime when I had money my brother use to ask me for money for something he really wanted. Well I had a good heart and said "Okay I will let you borrow some money and you have to pay me back. So that was going on for a while. So then this one time I got so mad because he wouldn't pay me back and what I did is I hit him the hardest I can. Then my brother got mad and then he hit me but not the hardest. So ever since that I started getting mad so easily and quickly.
  • When I Started Building

    The very first time I started to build was when my mom boght me a box of legos. When Igot home It was kinda confusing but then I got the hang of it. Ever since that I have always been asking for some legos.Then when I had alot of legos I started building my own things. This changed my life because it made my imagination alot bigger.
  • I'm Not Afraid

    I'm not afraid of what I've done or what I'm going to do. This changed my life because it taught me to stick in what you've done and don't do what other people are doing. Just be you.
  • Working Together As One

    I was around ten years old when I started understanding that my brothers and I have to work together as one because there might be a day when we're young and we won't have our parents. Then we all have to work together. So I thought of that and that changed my life that everyone no matter what has to work together.
  • Willing To Take Stuff In Life

    When I found out that my Grandpa had cancer he just didn't say end my life here. He would rather suffer alittle then die. This changed my life because he was willing to do suffer. So I'm willing what God throws in my life.