Fahrenheit 451 timeline

  • The Fireman and the Odd One

    Guy Montag, a fireman responsible for burning books, meets a 17 year old girl named Clarrise. The odd Clarisse teaches the static Montag to be polarizing and intresting.
  • Nothing to live for...

    Mildred, Montag's wife, tries to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. Montag calls the hospital and a stomach pumping machine comes to save her. She has no recollection of what happens the following morning.
  • Burn Baby Burn (Literally)

    The team gets a call of a lady's book collection and is sent to burn it down. The woman stays in the inferno of the burning books purposefully killing herself in the process.
  • The Odd One's "Death"

    Montag recieves news of Clarrise's death via car accident. Her family moves away and Montag is devestated.
  • Opportu-Beatty Knocks

    Montag calls in sick after murdering the woman in the fire. Beatty visits him assuring her that she was the criminal. He is aware that Montag stole a book and politely demands to burn it within 24 hours.
  • An Old Friend

    After feeling overwhelmed from all the books, Montag decides to meet up with Proffesor Faber. The two devise a plan to get society to read books again....
  • Dover Beach

    After coming home, Montag decides to read a poem, Dover Beach, to Mildred's friends. They are confused and angry and leave the house.
  • Why, this is MY house!

    The firehouse recieves another call and the team storms to action. Beatty then drives the truck to Montag's house and forces him to torch his home. It is revealed that Mildred ratted him out. Montag burns Beatty with his flamethrower and runs away with robot hounds chasing him.
  • And Im wanted,Dead or Alive

    After regrouping with Faber, Montag escapes to the forest where he meets other exiled proffesors who all memorized books. They explain to Montag that th authorities have given up on looking for him.
  • ...All ends with Beginnings...

    The city is shown in ruins in the midst of a nuclear war with an unspecified enemy. This allows Montag and the proffesors to recreate society.