Fahrenheit 451 TImeline

  • Montag comes home from work to meet Clarrise

  • change of thought

    Montag starts to question his duties as a firefighter and begins to become curious about books
  • mildred attemted suicide

    MOntag comes home to find Mildred overdoesed on sleeping pills but when she recovers she has no memory of what happend
  • The hound

    The mechanical hound tries to attack montag and he is embarresed of the encounter. He believes someone might have set montag as the victem
  • The old lady

    Montag questions what the original duty of firefighters were when the the alrm goes off. They visit an old ladys house and they are going to burn it with all the books inside but she refuses to leave. A book falls into Montags hand and he takes it. The lady does not leave and they burn the house with the old lady.
  • Quiting?

    Montag returns from the job and really starts tto think of what he is doing. He tries to tell mildred what happened and he is thinking of quitting but she does not understand.
  • Almost caught

    Mildred finds the book Montag kept and tries to tell captain beatii but Montag distracts her
  • Clarisse is dead

    Captain Beatii assures that a person like Clarrise is better off dead because of their odd behavior and their work against the school systems
  • secret pile

    When captain beatty leaves he shows Mildred a secret stock of books he has collected and tells her he wnats to quite
  • Faber

    Montag needs some one to essentially teach him how to read and remember what he reads. He remembers a professor he knew and decides to visit him because he might have the last copy of the bible.
  • The plan

    Faber believes that books can restore humanity and the technology is rottening peoples minds. Montag agrees and decides to do something about it. He convinces Faber to help him and Faber states he knows a man wiht a printing press. He decides to give Beatty a fake copy because he knows Montag has a book.
  • poetry

    Montag comes home to find Mildred and her friends watching tv. He turns it off and begins to read them some poetry. They are upset about this and leave. He then finds out that Mildred has been burning his books the whole time. He hides them again
  • turn of events

    Montag returns to the station where he gives Beatty the book and he throws it away immediately. Montag is scared and nervous then the alarm goes off and they arrive at Montags house.
  • The rebellion starts

    After Montag is forced to burn down his own house he burns Beatty and knocks out the other men with him. He returns to the backyard where he hid the books. He takes them and meets with Faber. Faber tells him to meet up with the homeless and Faber will meet up with the printer guy.
  • Cool down

    Montag escapes and meets up with the surprisingly intellectuall homeless men. They offer him chemicals to repel the hound. They have a tv that shows the police killing a man ckaiming him to be Montag because they are embaressed.
  • The end

    Monatg and the men continue walking and they explain that each one of them has a piece of a book stored in his mind. Then bombes hit the city and they return to the city to help the survivors and rebuild society.