Fahrenheit 451, Shayna Cruz, Period 5

  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag meets an "anti-social" girl by the standards of society. She befriends him and teaches him to marvel at the little things in life(nature).
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    Fahrenheit 451 Timeline

    Important plot points of Farenheit 451!
  • Montag's wife overdoses

    Montag returns home, bewildered by the strang girl named Clarisse. He walks to his bed and discovers the empty sleep medecine bottle and immediatley has two men come to save his wife... Meanwhile is struck by the inhuman way in which the two "doctors" treat his wife, Mildred. He is also shocked to find his desensitizing as he feels no remorse in the fact that his wife was dying.
  • Clarisse dies!!!

    Montag hadn't spoken with Clarisse for a while. He asks his wife if she has seen her lately, and she nonchalantly informed him of her death.Montag is now officially alone in his unique view of the world that was induced by Clarrise.
  • Montag is intrigued by books

    Bradbury begins to allude to the fact that Montag has a dangerous secret hidden in one of the vents in his house. Montag becomes fixed on learning why books are bad and the knowledge that they hold so that he could fix his discontent with society somehow.
  • Montag takes the Bible from the old woman's house.

    The firemen recieve an alert that there are books in a woman's house. The hous is overflowing with books. The old lady refused to leave, leaving Montag to believe that there is something in books that is worth dying for. It is ironic that he picks up a Bible because it is religous and commands people to live moral lives, which are against the social norms of current society who is offended by the contradicting ideas of books that try to tell you there ideas.
  • Captain Beatty confronts Montag

    Montag is afraid to go into work because he has a forbidden book. Beatty comes in and implies that he knows that Montag had a book (Beatty's awareness of Montag keeping secrets eventually led to his death).
  • Montag meets with Doctor Fabre

    Montag recalls a man that he had met in the past that read books. He meets up with him and convinces him to help him with his plan to create, preserve, and spread the knowledge of books. He becomes Montag's second hand man as he gives him a bullet earpiece so that they may communicate through difficult situations( Montag becomes extremley moody and is careless about what he says).
  • Montags wife pulls the alarm on him...traitor!

    After Montag forcefully read some poetry to his woman neighbors (who were proving the disfunctional lifestyles they are leading) they alerted the firemen, then a little later his wife also called in.
  • Montag breaks free from the fireman

    Upon pulling up to his house Captain Beatty threatens Montag with the Mechanical Hound so that he is forced to burn down his house. Mildred leaves him as she runs outside with a suitcase and speeds off in a taxi. In a final act of rage Montag burns Beatty and knocks out the firemen that were guarding him. He is severley injured. Montag's world has just been completley turned upsidedown.
  • Montag gets away with it!..He escapes the government

    Montag beat the Mechanical Hound to the river where he and all of his scents and tracks are washed away.He finally got out of the river after being swept away and marveled ot natur. He followed some old rail road tracks and found a band of literary scholar fugitives. They reveal to him how they memorize sections of books, burn the books (so they can't be arrested) and pass on the knowledge they kept. Montag becomes the book of Eclisiastes(prophecies of a new earth and a new Heaven- )
  • Montag runs to Fabre

    Fabre helps Montag in a plan to escape, and they become more frantic as they tried to hide Montag's scent as they discover that the Mechanical Hound was sent to catch and kill Montag. Montag's plan is to run to the river and wash away from the city, find the rail road tracks and find other literate fugitives.
  • KABOOM! Nuclear warfare

    Montag watches as a nuclear bomb decimates an entire city ( the city where Mildred ran away to) and leads the group towards hopes of rebuilding, and using the nuclear bomb as a way of opening people's eyes.