Fahrenheit 451

  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag was walking home from the fire station when he turned a corner he saw Clarisse.
  • Mildred overdosed on pills

    Montag comes home and finds his wife Mildred passed out on the floor. He calls 911. She doesnt remember anything in the morning.
  • Clarisse and the dandelion

    Clarisse tells Montag that if you are in love the yellow of the dandelion will rub off on your chin but when doing the test it didn't rub off on Montag and that upset him.
  • Montag tastes the rain

    After walking with Clarisse and talking about rain, Montag spends just a moment tasting the rain showing that he thinks about the things Clarisse tells him.
  • Clarisse goes missing

    Montag hadn't seen her for a while.
  • Clarisse dies

    Montag hadn't seen Clarisse for a while. His wife tells him she died.
  • Montag gains interested in books

    After he finds out Clarisse is dead, he shows interest in reading books.
  • Montag burns down house with old woman still in it

    The woman in the house won't leave and she lights the place on fire. Montag grabs some books secrelty before he leaves.
  • Mildred finds out about the books

    She finds out about the books and fears that her house will be burnt down.
  • Montag visits Faber

    Montag visits an old man who reads books to get answers for questions he has.
  • Montag meets runaway men from the city

    The men also read many books
  • Montag has to burn his house

    The firemen get a call to burn down a house and the house is Montag's. He burns the house with Beatty in it then runs away.