Evans' Devolution Timeline

  • Germany after WWII - Political/Military

    Germany after WWII - Political/Military
    After Germany was defeated by the Allied Powers in WWII, Germany was split up into four regions. Each region was controlled by one of the four allied powers; U.S, France, U.K, and Russia. After a period of rebuilding and repairment, the sections under control of the U.S, France and U.K were returned to the control of the German government. Russia retained control of its section under the USSR. This resulted in the Berlin Wall and ultimately East and West Germany. Germany is now reunified!
  • Hawaii and Puerto Rico/US devolution - Pol/Eco/Cultural

    Hawaii and Puerto Rico/US devolution - Pol/Eco/Cultural
    Both Hawaii and Puerto Rico lay off the coast of the US. Both are territories of the US and are culturally differnet from the rest of the US. Both have very good tourist industries. But the key factor that Puerto Rico and Hawaii stay with the US is protection. The US acts as the big brother for Hawaii and uerto Rico. Now the US protects them because they make money off them from the tourist attractions.
  • Quebec/Canada Devolution - Cultural/Political

    Quebec/Canada Devolution - Cultural/Political
    Quebec is one of the largest provinces in Canada. It is located in central Canada is has a large land mass. The main difference between Quebec and the rest of Canada is that Quebec is mainly french. Many citizens in Quebec speak French while the majority of other citizens in Canada speak English. But without abundent resources and its location, Quebec really couldn't become its own independent state.
  • Scotland/UK Devolution - Economical/Political

    Scotland/UK Devolution - Economical/Political
    A current issue in the United Kingdom is that one of its provinces, Scotand, believes that should get to be its own state. Scotland believes that they can depend on oil and natural gas from the North Sea to drive its economy. One reason Scotland is part of the UK is that it would be an easy target to invasion by other countries due to how small and powerless the nation is. The UK wants Scotland to remain a province of it because they want the resources of the North Sea in the future.
  • Cataonia/Spain Devolution - Pol/Cultural/Eco

    Cataonia/Spain Devolution  - Pol/Cultural/Eco
    Catalonia is a region in the northeast part of Spain that borders France. Many ports are found in Catalonia msking it a wealthy part of Spain. Catalans are declaring for more autonomy due to their cultural differences and their ability to support themselves. Spain doe not want to give autonomy to Catalonia because they want access to trade across the Mediterranean Sea.