• My 1st Birthday

    My 1st Birthday
    My 1st Birthday with my dad and the family
  • My second Birthday

    My second Birthday
    In 1998 it was my second birthday and my family came over and i got a firetruck which was my favourite toy until one day i got angry and broke it.
  • 1st Rugby League Game

    1st Rugby League Game
    My first game againts Norths tigerats at there home feild and we won.
  • elephant riding

    elephant riding
    me and my mum on a elephant going for a ride.
  • Haircut

    got a new haircut..
  • My 4th birthday

    My 4th birthday
    On October 3rd 2000 i was outside playing with 1 of my new toys. it was a toy chainsaw and it sounded real and had a platic chain on it that moved.
  • First Backflip

    First Backflip
    playing on my trampoline that i got for christmas and i did my first backflip.
  • 1st game of the season

    1st game of the season
    the first game of the season against brothers at home and we won buy alot 24-6
  • RBP

    Redbank Plains Bears played against a kingaroy team at kingaroy for a sheild and we beat them and i got the man of the match from the kingaroy team coach.
  • my first rep team

    my first rep team
    this year was the first rep team i have made and for this team we went down to maitland NSW and we played a few games down there and the last game was for a trophy and we ended up winning the game in the last few minutes buy 4 points.
  • their big day

    their big day
    my sisters wedding at Shorncliffe, brisbane
  • Ipswich Diggers

    Ipswich Diggers
    first rep game of the year and were playing the gold coast titans at Briggs Road in ipswich.
  • Grandfinal

    the team photo with the sheild we won after betting Lowood in the grandfinal 24-12
  • Sydney roosters

    Sydney roosters
    just finshed playing in a 4 day aboriginal carnival and the sydney roosters were their and one of the people high up with them told me to go to North Ipswich reserve and play with there junior roosters team in 2 days to see if the would contract me.
  • SEQ

    Me and the South East Queenland boys before one of our games in the Sunshine Coast
  • New Boots

    New Boots
    bought some new boots from Riverlink for the Queensland Murri Carnival cause my boots broke at the end of club season and i just had aboriginal carival competitions left for the year so i got these.
  • Fogs

    photo before my first game for the FOGS at the queensland Murri carniaval
  • SEQ Kingfishers

    SEQ Kingfishers
    me and the rest of the Indigenous South East Queensland Kingfishers boys before our game against townsville
  • Party

    at a party in Redbank plains and someone took a photo of me.
  • Benji

    My dog Benji lying down in his bed.