• Birth

    I was born on January 26 with my twin brother Ben
  • Sharing

    when i was little i realized that i was going to have to share everything that owned with my twin brother Ben even if I didn't have a say in it.
  • Respectful

    from when i was little being respectful was really important our family. In school no mater if i liked the teacher or not i always stayed respectful.
  • social

    i like hanging out with my friends and spending time with people makes my day go by so much faster
  • Betty

    For most of my life she was the person who we stayed with until my family was off of work and she became like family.
  • Elementary school

    Elementary school
    I went to Burr elementary school from pre-k to 8th grade
  • Leader

    one thing about me is that I'm very introverted with people i don't know but when it comes to projects when we need someone to get things going i will gladly do it. for example in school i would always divide up the work so that we could get things done even if we didn't want to talk to each other
  • Funny

    one of the things about me is that i cant take many things serious and so at times i make people smile and i think that is important that you can be more that just someone without emotions
  • Hamster

    in 2011 i got my first pet that wasn't a dog. this started a chain of events that lead to a lot of unexpected pets.
  • Moving

    after living in the apartment that my family and i lived in for all my life at that point we moved from Logan Squair to Norwood park
  • Middle school

    Middle school
    Middle school was a interesting time in my life. i learned very little important information but it was a lot of fun and everyday would be something new and keep me guessing.
  • Reginal Science fair

    Reginal Science fair
    in 6th grade after being in the school science fair on a project that i didn't think i did the best on somehow i made it to the Chicago reginal science fair. i didn't do great because it was all really smart kids but i got to miss out on a day of school and i had fun.
  • Creative

    in 2017 my parents give me and my brother a birthday gift of a new dresser and they said that we could probably redo the room in a little. because they said that i made a floor plan and what would fit in the room and got them to say yes to redoing it.
  • 8h grade year

    8h grade year
    in 8th grade i was so done with school. this lead to having more fun in school. i did the work but was it the best i could, no but it got the work done. this year we had so many fun trips that i got to take with my friends and the rest of the class plus we graduated!!
  • Taft

    i am part of Taft class f 2023. going to Taft i knew my brother, and one friend. this was i interesting because it was like starting from scratch and making the most of a situation that i knew nothing about
  • Genuine

    one thing about me is i will not tell you what you want to hear but what the question was asking. this is something that people become to like about me. for example in school if someone asked me if i liked their project i would tell them what i thought and how to make it better if it needed it.
  • Covid

    Covid was fun for the first month, we got two weeks off of school and i couldn't be more happy. this was until it just kept going and going till the point where i didn't know if it was going to end. but it all worked out and i leaned from it.
  • Resourceful

    later on in life I leaned that not everything is going to be accessible to you and this lead me to becoming very Resourceful. one example is in the covid school year when we didn't have in person i had to find ways to understand assignments witch could mean asking other students or trying to learn it on my own.
  • Independent

    for things that don't involve school im a very Independent person and at times this can suck especially if you have a twin and for example when i stay at my grandparents' house at times i could forget to text my parents at all.
  • balanced

    i think it is important to be balanced in your life. for example i know that grades aren't everything so i spend time learning in school and experiencing the real world so that no matter what im doing i can be a little experienced in.